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Top 10 Delicious Dishes With Strange Noodles – Mien Vietnamese (Miến)

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Vietnamese cuisine recognizes the diversity from ingredients to processing methods. In addition to world-famous noodle dishes such as pho, vermicelli, etc., Vietnamese people also have a long list of delicious dishes with noodles – Mien (Miến) as the main ingredient. Today, let Tasty Touch introduce to you a list of the top 10 delicious Mien Vietnamese.

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1. Chicken bamboo shoots noodles (Miến măng gà)

Wherever you go, you will see chicken on the rice trays in every family’s meal. From braised dishes, and steamed dishes, … to water dishes, all create a very deep highlight.

In particular, it must be mentioned that the following extremely famous chicken bamboo shoot noodles dish. With this vermicelli dish, it will be a refreshing change for a cozy weekend with loved ones.

After the noodles are finished blanching, put them in a bowl, arrange the chicken on top, add the broth cooked with dried bamboo shoots, and sprinkle with little laksa leaves and green onions. Just imagining it is enough to feel how great the deliciousness is.

Moderately sweet broth, tender chicken to every fiber, and crispy bamboo shoots with a cup of chili fish sauce are nothing better.

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mien vietnamese
Chicken bamboo shoots noodles (Miến măng gà)

2. Mixed chicken noodles (Miến trộn gà)

A delicious meal is always the top criterion that housewives set to aim to bring the most perfect things to their beloved family members.

Do not hesitate to immediately add these mixed chicken noodles to the menu to make it richer and more novel than the usual dishes.

Noodles mixed with chicken are delicious, awakening the senses that have been asleep for a long time with a special five-spice sauce. Soft, chewy, flavorful vermicelli, fresh chicken, and crunchy sweet vegetables all combine to create an attraction that is hard to put into words.

This will be a very meaningful breakfast dish that you can give to everyone without having to express it in words!

You can try to cook Miến trộn gà with our recipe.

mien vietnamese
Mixed chicken noodles (Miến trộn gà)

3. Mixed siamese duck noodles (Miến Ngan trộn)

Siamese duck is one of the foods that people love because of its lean meat and very little fat. But who knows that even when combined with any ingredients, it will make a delicious dish?

It is not too difficult to give the answer because this mixed siamese duck noodles dish will be the perfect demonstration of that question. This is also a choice not to be missed for the weekend when you are looking for a new change of taste.

After all the ingredients have been prepared, the mixed noodles are placed in a bowl and then mixed with the water to mix the noodles. Sprinkle some fried onions and roasted peanuts with other herbs for a fuller flavor.

The noodles are delicious, not greasy, blended with fatty geese, and the mixed sauce is rich in spices. It all comes together to create an indescribable entanglement.

mien vietnamese
Mixed siamese duck noodles (Miến ngan trộn)

4. Stir-fried seafood noodles (Miến xào hải sản)

We have reviewed many different stir-fried dishes, but it would be remiss not to mention this delicious seafood fried noodles dish.

This Miến xào hải sản- stir-fried seafood noodles dish is also very nutritious, suitable in the mornings or on days when you are tired of rice and want to find a novelty. In just a blink of an eye, you will have an ideal energy-replenishing dish.

Stir-fried noodles with seafood after completion have a very eye-catching color from different ingredients combined. The vegetables are soft and naturally sweet. As for shrimp and squid, the meat is fresh and delicious. It is indeed a nutritious dish.

mien vietnamese
Stir-fried seafood noodles (Miến xào hải sản)

5. Mixed stir-fried noodles (Miến xào thập cẩm)

Noodles (Miến) is a very popular food that can be easily found anywhere. Therefore, there have been countless delicious dishes from noodles that have been released from the oven and are well known to everyone.

Mixed fried noodles are a very delicious and nutritious dish. The scent of oyster sauce and chewy vermicelli, vegetables mixed with chicken eggs and dried shrimp is an irresistible treat.

This must be a nutritious dish to replenish energy for the whole family in the morning rush. Try it now to know how delicious it is!

mien vietnamese
Mixed stir-fried noodles (Miến xào thập cẩm)

6. Stir-Fried Noodles With Chicken Gizzard (Miến xào lòng gà)

If you have fallen in love with delicious chicken dishes, of course, you cannot ignore these fried noodles with a chicken gizzard. Because just from the first sight will make you fall in love immediately.

This nutritious fried chicken intestine noodle is also a choice chosen by many housewives for the family’s rice tray. Each string of tough noodles combined with crispy chicken gizzard is very attractive.

Stir-fried vermicelli with chicken hearts also has chives, carrots, and onions to reduce boredom, helping to use the dish more. There is nothing better than dipping it with a cup of soy sauce, it will be absolutely perfect!

mien vietnamese
Stir-Fried Noodles With Chicken Gizzard (Miến xào lòng gà)

7. Duck bamboo shoot noodles (Miến măng vịt)

Referring to noodles (miến), one must mention the typical dish, the representative of which everyone will surely answer is the duck bamboo shoot vermicelli. Then why is everyone so loved, let’s find out with Tasty Touch.

Duck bamboo shoot noodles are known to be an extremely nutritious and delicious dish and many housewives have trusted them to change the taste of daily meals.

But don’t worry because the duck bamboo shoot noodles dish is very simple and easy to make. The broth is sweet, the vermicelli is tough, the bamboo shoots are rich and the duck is tender to every fiber. If you add a cup of chili fish sauce, you have to say “what is wonderful!”

mien vietnamese
Duck bamboo shoot noodles (Miến măng vịt)

8. Siamese duck noodles (Miến ngan)

When we are tired of life full of chaos, only returning to our beloved home is the place where we can reduce those hardships. Because there are always warm smiles of the members here, as well as delicious and nutritious food to energize to become healthy again.

No need to think about it anymore, let’s let this dish of siamese duck noodles join hands to help you have more of those little joys.

The finished water siamese duck noodles are hot and fragrant. The broth is rich in spices, bamboo shoots and siamese duck meat combine to become perfect. You can add a little green onion, Chinese flavor, and ground pepper to make the dish more attractive!

You can try to cook Miến ngan with our recipe.

mien vietnamese
Siamese duck noodles (Miến ngan)

9. Eel Noodles (Miến Lươn)

Few people know that eel is considered as one of the foods with a very rich amount of vitamins and other nutrients that are extremely good for the body.

Therefore, that is why eels are often included in dishes to restore people’s health. Accompanied by countless stir-fried dishes, fried dishes, … were born. But today is something new, let’s take a few minutes to take a look at these simple but energetic eel noodles.

After stir-frying the eel noodles, each strand of noodles is evenly cooked, rich in spices, not clumps, or too oily. Crispy eel is rich in taste, sweet and fragrant, and fried vegetables have just arrived, so it is not mushy. Sprinkle a little more ground pepper and cilantro to enjoy the dish to the fullest!

You can cook Miến lươn with our blog.

mien vietnamese
Eel Noodles (Miến Lươn)

10. Crab noodles (Miến cua)

Crab is extremely nutritious seafood that is unquestionably delicious, and there are no words to describe the attractiveness of crab dishes.

There are many ways of processing so as not to lose the nutrients hidden deep inside of the crab. One of them must immediately go through this fried crab vermicelli dish. This fried noodles dish is both delicious and attractive, but it is easy to make at home to bring complete dishes to the family.

Fresh crab meat is naturally soft and sweet, and crispy noodles with mushrooms, and carrots, … combined to increase the flavor of the dish. You can dip it with a cup of chili sauce. Surely your taste buds will be touched once!

You can try to cook Miến cua with our recipe.

mien vietnamese
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