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How to Make Vietnamese Eggplant Tofu Recipe?

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Eggplant soup cooked with tofu, bacon, and guise leaves combined with extremely attractive turmeric. This is a delicious soup that Tasty Touch thinks housewives should not ignore. So how to make a Vietnamese eggplant tofu recipe? Let’s get started! How to make Vietnamese eggplant and tofu recipes? How to choose […]

vietnamese pork ribs recipe
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Vietnamese Pork Ribs Recipe

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However, not everyone knows how to have a delicious Vietnamese pork ribs recipe. If you don’t choose the right ingredients with the perfect spice ratio, it will make the ribbed cone dry and chewy, making the dish lose its taste.

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Vietnamese Sate Sauce: Indispensable Condiment for Your Meal

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Sate is a popular spice in Asian cuisine, with a characteristic aroma and spicy taste. Each country has its own version with many variations. And Vietnamese sate sauce is one of the popular versions and also one of my favorite spices. The application of satay is very diverse, from serving […]