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How To Prep Eel Noodles Soup (Miến Lươn) Lika A Vietnamese?

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Eel Noodles Soup (Miến Lươn) – The Nutritious And Delicious Dish Of Vietnamese

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: Eel, Noodles (Miến), Recipes, Vietnamese noodles


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Eel is rated at 5th place in foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. Let’s go to the kitchen with Tasty Touch and make delicious eel noodles soup to treat the whole family to an energetic breakfast!


  • Noodles (Miến) 200 grams

  • Eel 500 grams

  • Vegetables 200 grams

  • Pork bone 500 grams

  • Carrots 2 pieces

  • Mushrooms 10 grams
    (10 pieces)

  • Herbs 20 grams
    (laksa leaves/scallions/dried red onions/cilantro)

  • Basic seasoning 10 grams
    (Oyster sauce / fish sauce / seasoning / ground pepper / salt / cooking oil)


  • Step 1: Preliminary processing and processing of soft-fried eel, deep-fried eel
    Eel clean, separate meat and bones, drain. Half of the eel is sliced long, about 1 – 1.5 cm thick to make a deep-fried eel. Half of the eel is cut into short pieces about 6 – 7 cm to make the fried eel soft.
    Make deep-fried eel
    Mix the eel with 50 grams of deep-fried flour, until the dough coats the eel.
    Heat the oil in a pan just enough to cover the surface of the eel, shake off the powder from the eel and drop it into the oil pan. Fry the eel over medium heat until the eel is golden, then take it out and drain the oil.
    Make soft-fried eel
    Heat a little oil in a pan, add 10 grams of minced onion and saute until fragrant, add finely chopped eel and shiitake mushrooms and stir well. Stir-fry the eel on high heat for about 2 minutes for the eel to come out of the water and hunt again, then reduce the heat to medium, continue to stir-fry for 5-7 minutes until the eel is soft, and remove to a plate.
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  • Step 2: Prepare noodles and other ingredients
    Soak the vermicelli with water for about 15 minutes until soft, take it out, and drain. Soak the shiitake mushrooms in warm water for 15-20 minutes to bloom, then cut the legs, drain, and cut in half. Mix the vermicelli with 15 ml of cooking oil.
    Wash herbs, and cut them into small pieces.
    Clean vegetables, cut into pieces about 6-7 cm, boil with boiling water for about 3-4 minutes until cooked, then take out, drain.
  • Step 3: Broth cellar
    Peel the dried onions and wash them. 3 – 4 chopped bulbs, 4 – 5 thinly sliced ​​to make fried onions, 4 – 5 grilled to the side to stew the broth.
    Wash bones, boil in boiling water for about 2-3 minutes to eliminate odors, rinse and then put pork bones and eel bones in a stew pot with about 4 large bowls of water. Put the dried onions in the pot, and skim off the foam if any. Season to taste add 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon seasoning, and 1 teaspoon MSG. Stew the bones in low heat for about 30 minutes.
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  • Step 4: Making eel noodles
    Put the chopped shiitake mushrooms into the casserole dish.
    Prepare a small pot of boiling water, and boil the vermicelli.
    Arrange the noodles, vegetables, and herbs in the bowl, then pour the broth, add fried eel, and crispy fried eel on top. Finally, sprinkle some fried onions on top and you can eat it right away.

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