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Best Recipe Of Duck Noodles (Miến Măng Vịt) With 3 Steps

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3 Simple Steps To Make Delicious Duck Noodles (Miến Măng Vịt) Like Vietnamese

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: Duck, Noodles (Miến), Recipes, Vietnamese noodles


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Duck noodles with bamboo shoot-Miến măng vịt is one of the very nutritious and delicious dishes that many families choose to incorporate in their daily meals. This dish has a very simple and easy recipe to make. The following article will join you in the kitchen to make a very simple dish of duck bamboo shoots at home with Tasty Touch!


  • Duck meat 500 g

  • Noodles (Miến) 200 g

  • Dried bamboo shoots 150 g

  • Dried Shiitake Mushrooms 7 pieces

  • Green onions 20 gr

  • laksa leaves 20 gr

  • White wine 100 ml

  • Purple onion 3 pieces

  • 2 chili peppers

  • 1 lemon

  • Ginger 1 piece

  • Seasoning 10 gr
    (Essential oil/salt/sugar/seasoning/monosodium glutamate…)


  • Step 1: Process materials
    Clean the duck, rub it with ginger and salt, then wash it with white wine to remove the odor, then wash it with clean water.
    Dried bamboo shoots are washed, soaked until they bloom, then boiled in a pot, washed, and dried.
    Shiitake mushrooms are washed, soaked, and cut into small pieces (or left to cook).
    Red onion peeled and chopped. Chilli washed, de-stemmed, sliced. Green onions and laksa leaves are picked, washed, and finely chopped. Peeled ginger, minced.
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  • Step 2: Processing duck bamboo shoots noodles
    Put the duck in a pot, fill it with boiled water, then take it out and soak it in cold water for a while, then take it out and cut it into pieces.
    Put the cooking oil in the hot pot, and pour the purple onion into the pan. Then put bamboo shoots in mushrooms and cook until cooked. Add 1/2 teaspoon of seasoning to make bamboo shoots and mushrooms more flavorful.
    Put the fried bamboo shoots into the pot of boiling duck meat, then reduce the heat and cook until the bamboo shoots are soft. Seasoning to taste.
    The soaked vermicelli blooms, when almost eating, drop the vermicelli into the pot of broth and quickly remove it to a bowl, add duck meat on top, add broth and scallions, herbs, lemon, and chili on top. Duck meat with fish sauce.
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  • Step 3: Make the fish sauce
    Put lemon, chili, minced ginger, sugar, and water in a bowl and stir well (the ratio is more or less depending on taste).

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