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27+ Popular Vietnamese Salad Recipes You Must Try

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Salad is always an indispensable dish on the daily menu if you want to have a healthy body. Today, Tasty Touch will take you through 27 delicious Vietnamese salad recipe to cool the body!

Shrimp cocktail salad (Shrimp cocktail)

vietnamese salad recipe
Vietnamese salad recipe

After finishing the shrimp cocktail salad, it is both beautiful and full of nutrients. When you put it in your mouth, you will feel the rich sweetness of shrimp along with the greasy fat of the sauce combined with the sour and sweet taste. The sweetness of the fruits is guaranteed to be irresistibly delicious.

Squid salad

Squid salad with simple processing but brings great taste and extremely cool, eye-catching colors, adding a faint aroma from roasted sesame, and sweet and crispy vegetables mixed with the crispiness of fried squid. interesting. When eating salad, you drizzle a little sauce on it to create a harmonious sour taste, helping to add flavor to our salad.

Scallop salad

Add to the menu an extremely attractive, delicious, and nutritious scallop salad so that the meal is no longer boring. A unique dish with a unique combination of fresh seafood and vegetables.

When eaten, you will feel the fresh taste of scallops, slowly the mild spicy chili, and the sour taste of tomatoes will melt on the tip of the tongue. This salad not only satisfies the taste buds but is also very beautiful with the red and green colors intermingled.

Salmon salad

Salmon is an extremely delicious ingredient and provides many nutrients for the body.

Salmon salad is loved by many people because of its soft and fragrant fish meat and rich in spices. Cool salads and other vegetables both create color and create a sweet crunch for the dish. The wonderful combination of yogurt and mayonnaise will leave your taste buds in awe.

Beef salad

Beef salad has fresh, crunchy, and sweet vegetables, tender and sweet cooked beef mixed with delicious and nutritious sweet and sour sauce. A salad that’s packed with fiber, vitamins, and protein is perfect for a snack.

You can try Vietnamese steak salad recipe.

Chicken breast salad

Chicken breast is known as a high-protein food good for the body, chicken breast salad will be the perfect choice when you are looking to gain muscle and lose fat. The salad is a combination of many nutritious vegetables, served with fried chicken breast with a soft Japanese sauce.

The golden chicken breast with the outer layer is soaked with fat from the roasted sesame sauce, and the inside still retains the sweetness of chicken, lettuce, and tomato, making the color of the dish much more attractive, along with the cool taste. healthy from vegetables and little spicy onions. This will be a salad that is not only delicious but also beautiful and healthy.

You can try our Vietnamese chicken salad recipe.

Cobb salad

Cobb salad is a famous and quite popular dish today. Cobb salad is a nutritious dish that is delicious and easy to eat. This is a blend of the fat from eggs and butter with the sour taste of apple cider vinegar and eggplant, irresistible when both bacon and chicken are fried golden, eating will feel the spicy taste of purple onion and mustard, ensuring the taste buds will be extremely stimulated.

This salad is very suitable for those of you who are looking to lose weight and keep fit. You can add this salad to family meals to make the menu more diverse.

Spinach salad

Spinach, also known as spinach, is a well-known vegetable with many good benefits for the body. Spinach salad in a simple but extremely nutritious way.

With a blend of ingredients such as spinach, strawberries, almonds, and cheese, the dish has a fresh taste from vegetables, a little sweet and sour taste of strawberries, mixed with the fat from cheese and roasted sesame seeds, which will surely satisfy the taste buds of the eaters.

Rainbow salad

If you love vegetables and eye-catching dishes, try the rainbow salad. The blend of delicious tender chicken breast along with the sweet taste of many vegetables such as carrots, corn, and cucumber… blends together.

With a rich sauce flavor, it gives you a salad that is both eye-catching and delicious, no matter where you eat it, it’s hard to get bored.

Grape seaweed salad

The delicious grape seaweed salad looks so delicious that I want to try a piece of it, the grape seaweed is fresh and crispy, combined with the many colors of vegetables imbued with the fatty taste of roasted sesame, the sweet and sour taste of The vinegar sauce is delicious and irresistible, the bell peppers are not too spicy but also add to the flavor of the dish, making it more attractive, the more you eat it, the more you love it.

Bell pepper salad

Bell peppers are known as a vegetable good for the skin and health, especially when processed into a salad, not only retain their characteristic flavor, but when mixed with other sauces and vegetables, it adds more flavor.

Bell peppers and onions are fragrant, only slightly spicy combined with the fresh sweetness of shrimp meat and chicken breast soaked in spices and salad dressings that will surely explode the taste buds of the whole family.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad is not only easy to eat but also provides a significant amount of vitamins and other essential minerals for the body. With just a few simple steps, you’re done with a delicious fruit salad.

The sweet and sour fruit will stimulate the taste buds, sprinkle a little Feta cheese to make the dish more fragrant, or can be combined with yogurt, then put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. You will have a delicious bowl of fruit salad.

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Berry fruit salad

Fruit salad is delicious and helps to lose weight and purify the body. Berry fruit salad contains a lot of essential vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E, .. to help beautiful skin, keep shape and provide fiber for the body along with a delicious sweet and sour taste from berries. bring.

Fruit salad can be combined with yogurt or lemon juice and honey. This salad is a combination of the sour taste of strawberries and blueberries, the aroma of plums, the sweetness of black currants, and the juiciness. from watermelon. Eat wherever you like, just looking at the color can’t refuse.

Cantaloupe salad

Cantaloupe is a cool fruit, containing many vitamins and nutrients that are good for health, so cantaloupe salad is a great choice.

With a nose-splitting aroma, just bite in and the succulent juice from the cantaloupe will melt on the tip of the tongue, along with the sweet and crunchy fruits and the mild spicy taste of mint leaves not only providing nutrition but also for meals. richer.

Peach salad

Peach salad with a simple recipe but the finished product is extremely desirable. The sweet and sour taste and characteristic aroma of grilled peaches combine with the softness and sweetness of chicken breast, the rich taste of the sauce, and the freshness of vegetables – a combination that couldn’t be more perfect. Grilled peach salad is very suitable for people who are on a diet and are losing weight!

Tangerine salad

Tangerines are not only eaten in the usual way but can be processed into a very delicious and strange salad! With a simple and quick way to make, the dish has the eye-catching color of tangerines combined with the cool green of avocado and vegetables.

Sweet and sour tangerines combined with the fatty taste of butter are very strange. The vegetables are lightly spiced with honey, vinegar, and olive oil to form a very special dish with a lot of fiber and good vitamins for the body. body.

Avocado salad

Avocado is known as a fruit good for health and beauty. There is no reason not to combine avocado with other vegetables to create a delicious and delicious salad that provides the body with essential nutrients to help nourish the skin and keep it in shape.

Avocado salad is a combination of fresh pineapple sauce with the fatty taste of avocado, fragrant grilled pineapple still retains water, and bold beef will create an irresistible attraction for this delicious salad.

Kiwi salad

Kiwi inherently contains many good health benefits, when combined with vegetables to form a kiwi salad, it is even more nutritious. With just a few simple steps, you have finished preparing a delicious kiwi salad to help lose weight with attractive colors that look instantly enchanting.

Sweet and sour kiwi combined with mayonnaise will increase the rich fat, making the salad more unique, if you don’t like the fat, try combining it with honey citrus sauce, just fragrant orange, sweet. from honey mixed with fruits, guaranteed to be extremely special.

Watermelon salad

Watermelon contains many vitamins that are good for health and helps cool down on summer days. Try now watermelon salad with the sweet and succulent taste of watermelon combined with the freshness of many vegetables, mixed With a little pungent smell from pepper and onion, this promises to be a very suitable dish for hot days!

Papaya salad with shrimp and meat (Gỏi đu đủ tôm thịt)

Just a few simple ingredients like papaya, and grated carrot, add a few shrimp mixed with a rich salad dressing, and you have a shrimp and shrimp salad with a harmonious flavor, all 4 flavors sour, spicy, and salty, inherently sweet.

The interesting sweet and sour taste of crispy green papaya fibers mixed with the mild aroma of laksa leaves, and a little sweet and fresh meat from shrimp and pork has created a strange, delicious, and irresistible feeling.

Dried beef papaya salad (Nộm đu đủ khô bò)

With ingredients from dried beef, green papaya, and carrots, you’ve got yourself a fragrant dried beef papaya salad for Tet with papaya, delicious crunchy carrots, and pieces of soft and spicy dried beef, when eaten mixed with Sweet and sour sauce, roasted peanuts and a few vegetables add a stimulating part to the dish.

Banana flower salad with pig ears (Nộm hoa chuối tai heo)

Banana flower salad with pig ears is extremely suitable for cooling off on a sunny Tet holiday in the South. When you eat it, you will feel the crispy deliciousness of the pig’s ears, along with the cool taste of banana flowers, blending the spicy, sweet, and salty taste of the sauce, the aroma of vegetables, the pungentness of the onion and the fleshy flesh. of attractive peanuts.

Carrot kohlrabi salad (Nộm su hào cà rốt)

Carrot kohlrabi salad has harmonious vibrant colors and an attractive and crispy taste from simple ingredients such as kohlrabi and carrots. Besides, it is also full of nutrients to help people enjoy the deliciousness, bold sweetness, and sour taste typical of the mannequin.

Greek salad

Greek salad is a great choice for those of you who are looking to “gain muscle, lose fat” because the protein content in Greek salad is quite low, so this is a very suitable dish to support body improvement.

Lettuce imbued with the aroma of olive oil and the sour taste of vinegar, cucumber and onion with a slightly pungent, little pungent from bell pepper is neutralized by the fatty aroma of Feta cheese. All create a salad that is both beautiful and nutritious.

Lotus root salad with shrimp and meat (Gỏi ngó sen tôm thịt)

Shrimp and lotus root salad is one of the “national” salads, when mentioning the salad, you will remember the delicious and attractive meat and lotus salad. The salad has the crispiness of lotus roots, the taste of the mixed fish sauce, and the delicious sweetness of shrimp and meat. If you have sweet and sour pork ears, you can eat it together. You can also serve it with shrimp crackers and make the salad more delicious.

Cucumber and shrimp salad (Gỏi dưa chuột tôm)

Shrimp and cucumber salad is a combination of rich sour, spicy, sweet, and salty flavors, plus the attractive crunch of shrimp, and meat and the cool sweetness of cucumber will stimulate everyone’s appetite. People. The fresh color of this dish will also contribute to soothing the heat of the Southern New Year, making your meal more delicious.

Chicken pomelo salad (Gỏi bưởi thịt gà)

Chicken pomelo salad is a great combination for the Tet holiday with tender chicken mixed with sweet, juicy, and crunchy pomelo of carrots eaten once is addictive. Dipping a little more garlic and chili sauce is really great.

Above are our share of the secret to making delicious and nutritious Vietnamese salads recipe. Hope this article can be beneficial for you during the process of creating Vietnamese salad recipe for your family. Good luck to you!

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