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33+ Vietnamese Food for Party Should You Know

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To organize a great Vietnamese party and impress guests, in addition to the party space, the menu is also something that you need to focus on. Today, let’s follow Tasty Touch to refer to 30 Vietnamese food for party full of delicious, attractive, and extremely easy to make!

Vietnamese Party Food – Appetizer

Chicken corn and mushroom soup (Súp ngô gà nấm)

vietnamese food for party
Vietnamese food for party

At the beginning of the sitting party, we will let our diners start with a hot chicken corn and mushroom soup, each spoon of soup is delicious and rich with little natural sweetness of corn, carrots, and mushrooms. Chicken is boiled, soft, and chewy, with a little more ground pepper to warm the stomach and stimulate the taste very well.

Lotus root salad with shrimp and meat (Gỏi ngó sen tôm thịt)

Shrimp and lotus root salad is no stranger to parties, the crispy, sweet and sour taste of lotus roots is just perfect for eating with soft-boiled pork and delicious, fresh shrimp meat, evenly soaked in a fish sauce mixed with salad. Sprinkle some roasted peanuts with shrimp puffs or rice paper, they are perfect!

Pork ear lotus root salad (Gỏi ngó sen tai heo)

Opening the party, we will treat the sweet and sour sweet and sour lotus root package, which is evenly absorbed into the sweet and crispy lotus root and lumpy, fatty leopard’s ears. Eaten with crispy shrimp spring rolls on the outside and the meaty shrimp filling, fresh and sweet, seasoned and eaten inside, making the taste buds excited and ready to enjoy the next main dish.

Scallop salad

If you want your sitting party to be held in a Western-style, the first appetizer you can choose is scallop salad to treat. The scallop salad plate is served with beautiful and fresh colors with ingredients such as crab sticks, broccoli, and carrots, …

When tasting, diners will feel that the scallops are fried to a crispy golden color on the outside and fresh on the inside, combined with delicious, naturally sweet, and crunchy vegetables. Add a little chili sauce and mayonnaise to eat together to create a perfect appetizer.

Thai-style tamarind shrimp

As an appetizer for the Vietnamese food party, Thai-style shrimp with tamarind sauce cannot be absent, right? Shrimp dish with sweet and sour tamarind juice, combined with shrimp is deep fried on the outside and soft and sweet, with the sweet and sour taste of tamarind sauce inside. Creating a rich flavor, stimulating the taste buds of the dinners.

Cold shrimp salad

Using cold shrimp salad as an appetizer will impress diners with the beautiful colors of the ingredients. The taste of the dish is delicious with the greasy sauce and sweet, chewy shrimp meat.

Fried squid with garlic butter

For the next dish, we will come to the fragrant garlic butter-fried squid with the attractive smell of garlic butter. When we eat, we will feel the outer shell is crispy and crispy, and the squid meat inside is crispy and flavorful. You can eat this dish with chili sauce or ketchup if you like the taste.

Crab soup

On many menus, crab soup is always favored to become a nutritious appetizer for the party. The reason this soup is chosen by many people is that the dish has many eye-catching colors of crabs, beans, and accompanying vegetables.

In particular, the crab soup, which contains a lot of calcium, is cooked deliciously and firmly. Adding herbs or boiled quail eggs will make it more delicious and catchy.

Jellyfish salad

Jellyfish salad is an appetizer chosen by many couples. Sweet and sour spices are evenly absorbed into each transparent, crunchy jellyfish that attracts many diners. Jellyfish must be handled very carefully to remove toxins, peeled and sliced ​​other ingredients such as onions, carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Roasted peanuts, peeled and pounded, fragrant roasted white sesame.

Pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is smooth, and greasy from pumpkin mixed with fresh milk. To make the soup more eye-catching, you can use fresh cream (heavy cream) to paint on top of the soup, and help increase the fat. Served with the soup is sliced bread, toasted to a crispy golden color or you can also cut the bread into small squares and put it on top.

Asparagus soup

In addition to pumpkin soup, asparagus soup is also one of the common soups on European menus. Asparagus soup with green color, try a piece of bitter, slightly pungent sweetness typical of asparagus mixed with the sweet and fatty taste of milk, extremely satisfying. Remember to always keep the soup hot to make it more delicious.

Vietnamese Party Food Ideas – Main courses

Steamed red snapper with soy sauce (Cá diêu ​​hồng hấp xì dầu)

Steamed red snapper with soy sauce with a beautiful presentation, at first sight, made customers excited and want to enjoy this dish right away so they have to fall in love with the rich sauce that is all put into the meat. Besides, the warm part is absorbed together to make their steamed fish more delicious and completely eliminate the fishy smell of the fish.

Vietnamese beef stew (Bò sốt vang)

Vietnamese beef stew is renewed with the standard Northern cooking method with moderate sweetness and sweetness, the sauce is slightly evenly cooked, and the beef is cooked soft combined with the naturally sweet and crispy taste of carrots and potatoes.

Spaghetti with pesto

Delicate and beautiful at the same time, this pesto sauce cooked pasta will surprise your diners with your cooking skills. Each ingredient is carefully arranged. Noodles are medium soft round, combined with a special pesto sauce from basil leaves, garlic, and walnuts. This unique combination keeps the soul of the dish, making us feel strange and delicious.

Steak with creamy peppercorn sauce 

After finishing the pasta, we will enjoy the Steak with creamy peppercorn sauce for diners to enjoy. The beef is perfectly applied, retaining its characteristic tenderness and sweetness. The fatty, spicy black pepper cream sauce makes the steak more attractive.

Pad Thai

If you start with Thai dishes, then the main course will be treated with other famous Thai dishes such as: Pad Thai, green curry rice, and Thai hot pot so that guests can have a feast full of Thai dishes! For Pad Thai, we don’t need to introduce too much before it is considered the “national soul” in Thai cuisine with the perfect combination of soft chewy noodle soup, fatty chicken eggs, fresh and juicy shrimp, and meat. characteristic sweet and sour sauce.

Peking duck

The main course on the menu is likely to be Peking duck. The shiny golden brown duck skin is extremely eye-catching, the duck meat inside is soft and sweet, and the spices are evenly absorbed. The dipping sauce especially has a moderate dilution, mixed with enough flavors from salty, sweet, and spicy. You can filter the skin and meat separately and then roll it with rice paper, and raw vegetables for more interesting dishes.

Grilled lobster with cheese

Coming to the main course, we have delicious, greasy grilled lobster with sweet and firm shrimp meat. Especially when eating the cheese on the shrimp meat, it is stretched out to look very eye-catching, making it interesting to eat.

Seafood spaghetti

Seafood pasta will make diners love it because of the soft, chewy noodles, the sauce has a sweet taste, and the nutrition of vegetables. The ingredients of shrimp and squid are seasoned with rich flavor, giving the diners a feeling of freshness as if they were just caught from the sea!

Seafood hotpot

Seafood hot pot is also an indispensable dish in the list of main dishes on the sitting party menu. A delicious seafood hot pot dish, full of eye-catching colors of shrimp, tomatoes, pineapple, and other green vegetables.

Hot pot sauce is cooked sweet and sour, cool, and smells of warmth and spice characteristic of hot pot. Beef, fish, shrimp, and squid are all fresh, and served with vermicelli or noodles is super delicious.

Sichuan hot pot

Szechuan hot pot is divided into 2 types of hot pots. One side is a spicy hot pot with pepper and dry spices such as laurel, cloves, and anise,… creating a characteristic spicy taste. One is a non-spicy hot pot with tomatoes and mushrooms. While chatting, dipping meats and seafood in a hot pot, then dipping them with sauce, you’ll fall in love right away.

Honey-glazed grilled chicken thighs

Honey-grilled chicken thighs, after finishing and serving, will have golden chicken skin that radiates an attractive honey aroma. The chicken inside is soft and evenly spaced, creating a delicious dish that “cuts the heart” for the diners.

Spring rolls with shrimp and meat

The shrimp and meat spring rolls are fried until golden brown, remember a piece you will hear the crunchy sound of the crust. Inside is a filling of taro with a fleshy taste combined with a spiced shrimp and meat filling. Dotted with chili sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce will make you stand still.

Breaded cutlet

Pork is a familiar food in everyday meals, but when creative, it turns into an unpleasantly delicious dish. Pork after preliminary processing, seasoning, and rolling through layers of flour to create the outer shell, fried in oil until golden brown, eaten with Tonkatsu sauce, ketchup, and chili sauce is delicious.

Vietnamese Party Food Menu: Desserts

Egg tarts

Delicious egg tart with a crispy crust. Biting into a piece of cake, the soft, greasy cheese egg filling is also easy to conquer all tastes.

Passion fruit panna cotta

If a menu is full of hard-shell seafood, the dessert will bring “softness” to your family’s diners. Passion fruit panna cotta with crispy, soft, greasy panna cotta with a little sour taste from yogurt. The top is a beautiful layer of passion fruit jelly with a sour taste that stimulates the taste buds. Desserts taste better when served cold.

Green tea mousse

Green tea mousse comes in small glass jars. Scooping a spoon into your mouth, you will immediately feel the softness of the mousse cream, the fragrant, slightly acrid green tea is balanced by the greasy cream.

Orange Mousse

Orange mousse would be the perfect dessert to end a party menu. Each scoop of soft cake will make your guests fall in love with the gentle aroma of orange and milk. The layer of fruit jelly on top is crunchy, sweet, and sour, mixed with soft sponge cake below and some delicious fresh fruits. If eaten cold, the taste will be even better.

Flan cake

To have a dessert that is both new and delicious enough to impress guests at the wedding party, flan cake will be a great choice. The top of the flan is soft and greasy with the soft sponge cake. If you put it in the refrigerator before enjoying it, the delicious taste is doubled.

Hottoek cake

You will feel the crunchiness of the outer shell with the sweet taste, and the fatty aroma of milk, almonds, and walnuts inside. Guaranteed, your diners will love this new and special cake!

Brown sugar-baked pears (Lê chưng đường phèn)

To end the party, use brown sugar-baked pears for dessert. This stewed pear dish will help diners cool down after enjoying the previously treated Sichuan spicy hot pot. Brown sugar-baked pears are soft and sweet. Although the pear is steamed, it still retains its crispiness and natural sweetness, which is extremely attractive.

Strawberry mochi

Finally, dessert with strawberry mochi – a super famous Japanese sweet. Mochi cake has a small appearance with a smooth white soft shell and is fragrant with a new sticky smell. When you try a piece of the sweet red bean paste, it will mix with the mildly sour strawberries, creating a great combination, forever kept in mind of the dinners

Above are our shares about Vietnamese food for party. Hope this information can be beneficial for you!

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