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How to Make Vietnamese Mango Salad Recipe? [ 5-Step Process)

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Green mango salad recipe Vietnamese is sour, spicy, salty, and sweet, suitable for making appetizers or side dishes at small parties. Let’s go to the kitchen and show off your talent with how to make a Vietnamese mango salad recipe with Tasty Touch!

vietnamese mango salad recipe
Vietnamese mango salad recipe

How to make Vietnamese mango salad recipe?

How to Make Vietnamese Mango Salad Recipe? [ 5-Step Process)

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is a simple but tasty Vietnamese mango salad recipe. Let’s begin:


  • 1 piece pig ear

  • 2 green mangoes

  • 1 carrot

  • Basil 5 g

  • Lettuce 5 g

  • Seasoning 10g (common seasoning/lemon/vinegar/wine)


  • Step 1: Prepare ingredients
    Pig ears are washed, shaved, and dirty film stains. Wash with lemon or vinegar and then use a little alcohol to remove odors.
    Carrots are washed, drained, and grated into fibers, soaked with sugar for 15 minutes to reduce the pungentness. Then squeeze out the water. Green mango, grated carrot. Crushed roasted peanuts. Basil, medium-sized laksa leaves. Minced garlic and chili.
    vietnamese mango salad recipe
  • Step 2: Boil the pig’s ears
     Put the pig’s ears in a pot of water, add a few slices of ginger, 1 tablespoon of rice vinegar, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of seasoning, 1-2 crushed dried onions, bring to a boil, lower the heat. skim off the foam occasionally. After 15 minutes, take it out and put it in a bowl of boiled water to cool with ice, a few slices of lemon to cool the heat, and make the ears white, crispy, and fragrant. When cool, take out and pat dry.
    Using a sharp knife, slice the pig’s ears into thin slices.
    Note: With this way of making green mango pig ear salad, when boiling the ears, you should only boil them until they are cooked because if they are overcooked, the ears will lose their delicious crunch.
    vietnamese mango salad recipe
  • Step 3: Make salad sauce 
    You can make a dipping sauce mixed with sugar and fish sauce in a ratio of 2:1. Then add the minced garlic and chili and stir until the sugar dissolves. If the mango used for this dish is not very sour, you can squeeze more lime juice.
    vietnamese mango salad recipe
  • Step 4: Mix the salad
    Mix the salad twice.
    1st time: Put the ear, green mango, and carrot in a bowl, then pour the prepared fish sauce into it and shake well so that the ingredients are evenly absorbed into the seasoning for about 20 minutes to infuse.
    2nd time: Add the remaining 1/2 of the salad dressing to the island to infuse the flavor. Then, drain the water for the salad to dry. Finally, add crushed roasted peanuts, and garnish with herbs on top to make the green mango pig ear salad more attractive.
    vietnamese mango salad recipe
  • Step 5: Finished mango salad Vietnamese recipe
    Finished product requirements: Crispy white pig ears, dried mango, and carrot, harmonious sweet and sour taste, fragrant roasted peanuts very attractive.
    Delicious green mango salad with pig ears is when presented with eye-catching, attractive color, and sweet and sour taste is very appetizing. Pork ears are thinly sliced, beautifully white, crispy, and delicious mixed with the sour taste of mango and the delicious taste of other ingredients. accompanying materials.
    With green mango salad with pig ears, you should eat it as soon as it is finished. It can be used with fried shrimp crackers to make the dish more round.
    vietnamese mango salad recipe

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How to prepare pig ears?

How to choose fresh pig ears?

  • To choose good pig ears, you need to observe and choose ears with bright, pink colors, not dark, dull, or other strange colors. Those are fresh, crispy pork ears.
  • In addition, delicious pig ears often have high elasticity. When pressing the hand to feel the hardness, the surface of the ear has an elastic return and feels very firm in the hand.
  • Besides, you should pay close attention to the scent of pig ears. If the ear has any rancid, stench or other strange odors, it should not be purchased because it is a pig ear that has been aged for a long time or has been pumped with chemicals.

How to clean pig ears?

  • Use vinegar or lemon salt mixture

First, you use a razor to shave off the hair on the pig’s ears. Then, rub the surface of the meat with vinegar or lemon salt mixture. Remember to scrub the nooks and crannies thoroughly to remove all odors and impurities.

Next, you soak the pig’s ears in a bowl of diluted vinegar or lemon juice to eliminate the smell completely. Wait for about 5 minutes, you take it out and put it in the basket to drain. The pig’s ears will now be very clean and white.

  • Use flour or tapioca

Pour flour or tapioca starch on the pig’s ears and then rub it vigorously on the surface of the pig’s ears until foamy. Then scrape off the foam and continue to do it many times until the pig’s ears are no longer smelly, then rinse with water.

  • Use alum

Dilute alum in water and then soak the pig’s ears for about 5-10 minutes. After soaking, use a razor to remove the dirt on the surface. After that, continue to soak the pig’s ears in a bowl of diluted salt water for about 5 minutes, then take it out, and scrape off the dirt again.

vietnamese mango salad recipe
Vietnamese mango salad recipe
  • Use salt and star fruit juice

First, you squeeze star fruit juice on the pig’s ears and then use a razor to clean the dirt. Then, use salt to rub the surface of the meat and then wash it with water.

  • Use rice water or pickle juice

Soak the pig’s ears in rice water or pickle water for about 5-10 minutes. After soaking, use a razor to clean off blood stains and stains. Then continue to use half a lemon to rub the surface of the meat until it is clean and then rinse with water.

Tips for boiling pig ears?

  • First, you prepare a halved onion and crushed ginger. Then, put the pig’s ears and ingredients into the pot, then fill the pork ears with water and start boiling. When the water boils, simmer again for about 15-20 minutes so that the pork ears are cooked evenly.
  • When the pork ears are cooked, turn off the heat and continue to cover the lid, wait for another 15 minutes. 
  • Finally, you take out the pig’s ears and put them in a bowl of ice water with lemon juice for about 5-10 minutes so that the ear meat is crispy and not mushy. Only then is it processed.

How to choose tasty green mango?

  • Each type of mango will have a different way of choosing to buy depending on the color and size. However, you can rely on some of the following tips to be able to choose to buy delicious fresh mangoes.
  • To choose delicious green mangoes, you should choose those with a round waist, gradually smaller towards the tail.
  • You should choose to buy fruits with green skin that is neither too dark nor too light. If the item is still wet, fresh, and sticky with latex, it’s a fresh, freshly picked mango.
  • You should try to press on the fruit, if it feels hard, you should buy it, if it feels soft, you should not buy it. Because soft mango is a mango that has been left for a long time or is ripe, but not delicious.

Above are the shares of Tasty Touch about the secret to making delicious and nutritious Vietnamese mango salad recipe. Good luck to you!

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