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Vietnamese Iced Coffee – The Real Soul of Vietnamese Cuisine

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The way to make Vietnamese iced coffee is considered uncomplicated. Drinking iced coffee every morning is an integral part of many people’s lives. Together with Tasty Touch, make yourself a cup right at home with the instructions below.

What is Vietnamese iced coffee?

Vietnamese iced coffee is exactly what the name implies: hot brewed coffee is chilled with ice cubes, and can be served with condensed milk, fresh milk, or sugar.

Vietnamese iced coffee is loved by many people because it is a simple and quick way to make it, this type of coffee is more acidic and it is often easier to dilute due to the speed at which the ice melts. However, most people who enjoy iced coffee can either like or tolerate the dilution of coffee.

Vietnamese-style iced coffee consists of filtered roasted and ground coffee. This coffee when processed is shared by Saigon and South Vietnamese people with lots of ice for both enjoyment and refreshment, due to the typically hot and humid climate of South Vietnam; This drink gradually spread and spread across the country. Iced milk coffee and iced black coffee are two popular coffee-based drinks at coffee shops as well as in the entire Vietnamese family.

vietnamese iced coffee
Vietnamese iced coffee

A glance at traditional Vietnamese iced coffee

Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and rich, with typical, simple but familiar, and famous dishes such as iced coffee, bread, and pho,… After breakfast, a cup of iced coffee is like a cup of coffee. a constant drink of many people. So, for a long time, iced coffee has been very close to the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese iced coffee is different from other countries in the world. It has a rustic, dignified look like the Vietnamese people, but it is no less impressive because of its quintessential and unique flavor. In many places, fresh milk will be used to enjoy coffee, but Vietnamese people use condensed milk, which makes the coffee flavor intact. Besides, the way to make Vietnamese iced coffee is very special.

Unlike other countries, which often use ready-made coffee, powdered coffee, etc. Vietnam uses pureed coffee, puts it in a special filter, and then mixes it with hot boiling water. Each drop of coffee is strong, dense, and flowing through that special filter and mixed with condensed milk, creating iced coffee cups with a characteristic bitter taste and a sweet taste that so many people prefer. Some people use hot coffee, and many people, according to their preferences, will add ice, and this is also the hobby of most Vietnamese people.

Because of the special way of making iced coffee, as well as the outstanding taste and quality of coffee from a famous coffee land like Vietnam, it has attracted tourists from all over the world to come to our country. Don’t forget to enjoy iced coffee. They were all conquered by Vietnamese iced coffee, spreading the word about the deliciousness and fame of the drink with the characteristics of Vietnamese culture and indigenous values.

How to make Vietnamese iced coffee?

Vietnamese Iced Coffee – The Real Soul of Vietnamese Cuisine

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is a simple but tasty Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe. Let’s begin:


  • Coffee powder: 3 tablespoons (25g)

  • Sugar: 1 tablespoon

  • Fresh milk or condensed milk: 25g (3 tbsp)

  • 100°C boiling water: 160 ml

  • 1 piece ice cubes


  • Step 1: Rinse the coffee filter
    Using boiling water to rinse the coffee filter, you need to thoroughly rinse both the filter lid and filter, to increase the temperature of the filter, so that when brewing, the coffee will receive the most standard heat.
    This is a step that people overlook a lot because they think this step is not important. However, to have a delicious cup of hot black coffee, you should not ignore it. How to make standard black coffee, you must go through this step.
    vietnamese iced coffee
  • Step 2: Put the coffee powder into the filter
    Put 25g of finely ground coffee powder into the coffee filter. Gently shake the filter so that the coffee powder is spread evenly and is easier to compress and extract all the coffee powder essence. Next, you use a filter with a lightly pressed hole to compress the coffee powder.
    vietnamese iced coffee
  • Step 3: Add boiling water to the filter
    Put the filter on the cup and then slowly pour about 30ml of boiling water into the filter to brew the coffee powder for 2-3 minutes. After that, add 50-60 ml of boiling water to the filter, close the lid, and wait for the coffee to be extracted. You can pour a little more water into the filter lid and put the filter on it. This way of making iced milk coffee helps the coffee powder to absorb moisture from both ends and expand more evenly.
    vietnamese iced coffee
  • Step 4: Brew coffee
    This coffee brewing step is the most important step in how to make black coffee to have a delicious cup of coffee, if after pouring all the boiling water, you observe that the coffee drips every second, then you are considered half successful. , and if the coffee is small, it means that if you press the coffee block not tight enough, it will cause the coffee to be diluted.
    In addition, you should also note that pure black coffee has a reasonably high bloom, so you need to pay attention during the brewing process to see if the part of the filter is released, you need to press it back immediately, to avoid the coffee being pale.
    vietnamese iced coffee
  • Step 5: Put milk or sugar into the coffee cup (Optional)
    Put about 2 tablespoons of condensed milk into the coffee cup. However, the way to make milk coffee also depends on your taste, you can add or reduce the amount of condensed milk to suit your taste best. You can also add condensed milk after the coffee is extracted.
    In addition, you can also put a few ice cubes in the mixing shaker, then pour in 2/3 cup of freshly brewed coffee with 100 ml of unsweetened fresh milk and 10 ml of condensed milk and shake vigorously and evenly for about 1 – 2 hours. 2 Minutes. Be sure to hold on tight so that the bottle does not slip out of your hand.
    Next, you prepare 1 ice cup and add the freshly shaken milk coffee, at the end you add 50 ml of unsweetened fresh milk and the remaining 1/3 cup of coffee on top and enjoy.
    vietnamese iced coffee
  • Step 6: Finished Vietnamese iced coffee recipe
    When the coffee has dropped, you stir the glass to mix the milk and coffee together. Add ice cubes, and a simple delicious iced coffee is complete. The cup of fresh milk coffee has beautiful dark and light brown layers and the typical aroma of the coffee, drinking it, you can see the cool and rich taste of coffee and the fat of fresh milk will definitely make you awake and happy all day long.
    vietnamese iced coffee

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Tips for making Vietnamese iced coffee

Coffee brewing process

The ideal coffee extraction time is in 5-7 minutes. If the brewing time is too fast, the coffee will be sour (under), and if it is too slow, the coffee will be bitter (over). In the way of making iced milk coffee, the average drip rate of coffee should be about 1 drop/second. This depends largely on the fineness of the ground coffee. In addition, it is also due to whether you compress the filter with holes too tight or not.

To avoid having residue in your coffee when drinking, you should place the filter cap under the filter while brewing the coffee. After brewing the first water, put the coffee and residue into the filter. In many cases, when making coffee with milk, then pour it into another glass with ice cubes. You should pour ice into the glass before adding milk coffee to help keep the flavor of the iced milk coffee to the fullest.

Coffee beans

The way to make iced milk coffee is always the first priority to note that the ingredients must be clean, and 100% pure. Otherwise, the pure taste of the coffee will be affected and the health of the drinker will not be guaranteed. You should choose to buy coffee powder from reputable roasters, or you should equip yourself with a coffee grinder if possible. Thus, the quality of the ground powder will not be mixed and the particle size will be most suitable.

You can choose to make iced milk coffee from the two most popular types of coffee today, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffee has a high caffeine content, so it is pretty compact and bitter. Meanwhile, Arabica coffee has a lower caffeine content but is more aromatic. You can mix these two coffees to create your own taste.

Choose a high-quality iced coffee filter

Tools such as coffee filters, stirring spoons, or cups should always be kept clean, before brewing, they must be rinsed with boiling water and dried to warm. The material of the tool is also important. Dispensing filters should be made of stainless materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. And the cups should be glass or porcelain cups, which will be safer for health, and look more beautiful.

Milk-coffee ratio

The numbers on the amount of coffee powder or water above are for reference only. But usually, for the best way to make iced milk coffee, the amount of water is usually 4 to 5 times larger than the amount of coffee powder. For example, for every 20g of coffee powder, you should mix it with 80-100 ml of boiling water.

Water source and water temperature 

Recommended to use spring water, or water from the filter to feel the delicious taste of coffee. Prepare coffee with clean, boiled water. The most suitable temperature is 93-95 degrees Celsius. Do not make coffee with boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius.

When the filter coffee has just been brewed, take a small sip to enjoy the coffee flavor spread throughout your mouth and then slowly swallow. The scent of Vietnamese iced coffee rushes into the sense of smell and awakens all senses, helping you not only be awake but also more relaxed. Wish you can successfully create Vietnamese iced coffee recipes yourself. Good luck!

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