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Vietnamese Pickled Carrots Recipe

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Broken rice, meatloaf, sticky rice, vermicelli… All of these Vietnamese specialties would not be as delicious without the pickled carrot recipe Vietnamese. That is also the reason that today, Tasty Touch will guide you to Vietnamese pickled carrots delicious recipe. Let’s get started!

How to make Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon recipes?

Vietnamese Pickled Carrots Recipe

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is a simple but tasty Vietnamese pickled carrots recipe. Let’s begin:


  • 0.5kg white radish

  • 0.5 kg carrots

  • 1 bottle of vinegar water

  • Seasoning: salt, sugar, fish sauce


  • Step 1: Prepare ingredients
    Grate the white radish and carrot. For the white radish, slice it about 0.5cm thick. Continue slicing the white radish into bite-sized pieces. Similarly, slice carrots about 0.4cm thick. Then cut into bite-sized pieces like white daikon.
    With 0.5 kg of white daikon and 0.5 kg of carrot, add 30g of salt to this mixture and mix well. Note, use your hands to gently squeeze the salt into the white radish and carrot. Then leave for about 20 minutes.
    Put the whole white tubers and carrots in the prepared cold water bowl to wash them about 4-5 times, then drain. Rinse through cold water many times so that the sour food will be less pungent and salty, making the sour food more crispy.
    Use a racket to squeeze out the water in the mixture, and discard. Avoid leaving too much water to make sour food taste less crispy.
    You may cut the radish into slices, or you can cut it into somewhat square pieces as well. The method of soaking sweet and sour radish is quite similar to the method described before; however, the ripening period will be somewhat longer. The most delectable radish may be had after waiting about two days.
    vietnamese pickled carrots recipe
  • Step 2: Cook sweet and sour fish sauce
    Add 500g of sugar, 1 liter of vinegar, 1 and a half tablespoons of granulated salt, and 200 ml of fish sauce and boil until the sugar and salt dissolve. Then let the mixture cool.
    Place the radishes and carrots in a glass jar, then pour the cooled mixture into the jar completely covering the beets and carrots. Put the jar of radishes in the refrigerator which can be used a day later.
    vietnamese pickled carrots recipe
  • Step 3: Finished Vietnamese pickled carrots and daikon recipe
    When we open the glass jar’s lid a day after placing it in the refrigerator, the strong fragrance of wealth and the salty aroma of fish sauce combine to instantly make us feel peckish. Fish sauce’s salty flavor combined with the crunch of radish on the tongue gives us a delightful feeling.
    Making sweet and sour pickled radishes is not difficult, anyone can do it. It is important to choose good radishes. Usually, the best radishes will be in the winter, this is the main season, and you can easily buy them at any food market. A tiny bit of red chili powder is added, which gives the dish both its color and its very fiery flavor. If you don’t like spicy, skip this step.
    vietnamese pickled carrots recipe
  • Step 4: Preserve the recipe of the pickled carrot Vietnamese
    Preserving this sweet and sour pickled radish is very easy, we just need to put it in the refrigerator for a day and can use it, and keep it in the refrigerator for more than 1 month.
    You should note when you want to take out the sweet and sour pickled radish to use, use clean chopsticks (have not picked up any food) to avoid the sweet and sour pickled radish from spoiling quickly.
    vietnamese pickled carrots recipe

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How to choose fresh carrots?

Based on appearance

Housewives who want to have delicious, fresh carrots, rich in nutrients and vitamins, should choose tubers with a straight, smooth shape on the outside, the orange color of the carrot skin is bright, and it feels firm in the hand hard and heavy.

You should avoid buying carrots with unusual spots on the surface of the skin. Do not buy carrots that are soft, bruised, distorted in shape, or wilted, even those with intact branches and leaves but withered and rotten leaves, you should not buy them.

Based on the stem

The thinner the core of a carrot, the more concentrated the sweetness of the tuber. Do not choose tubers with leaves, and branches at the base, the shoulder part of the tuber are big, and thick, these are usually carrots with big errors, and the tubers are not sweet and low in nutrients. Avoid buying carrots with stems that are wilted, waterlogged, or separated because they have been stored for a long time.

vietnamese pickled carrots recipe
Vietnamese pickled carrots recipe

Based on size

Do not buy carrots that are too large, they often have a lot of fiber, and the core in the middle of the tuber is large, pale in taste, and low in vitamins and nutrients. In particular, the big ones, but when you hold them, they feel light, don’t buy them because they are old and not good carrots. Therefore, you should only choose to buy carrots of the right size, not too big and too small.

How to choose fresh daikon?

To choose to buy delicious white radish, the way to choose white radish is also very necessary:

  • Choose medium-sized tubers, elongated towards the tail. Radishes with a fat tail are usually bland.
  • With the stem and roots intact, you should choose fresh stalks, because those are white radishes that have just been harvested.
  • Do not choose soft white radishes, because these radishes are not new, have wilted.

Above are our share about the secret to making a delicious and nutritious Vietnamese pickled carrots recipe. Good luck to you!

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