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Discover 6 Steps for Making Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe

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Yogurt is a delicious dessert suitable for many ages because it provides many nutrients, aids digestion, and helps to beautify the skin. Let’s go to the kitchen with Tasty Touch to see Vietnamese yogurt recipe prepared at home for the family to enjoy!

What is Yogurt?

Yogurt, also known as Yagurt in French, is a food containing many nutritional and health values. The origin of this food comes from Bulgaria and has been around for more than 4000 years.

Yogurt is made through the process of fermenting milk at the right time and temperature. During this process, bacteria will convert lactose into glucose and finally into lactic acid, which is very beneficial for the intestines and digestive system.

Any type of milk can be used to make homemade yogurt, but in modern manufacturing, cow’s milk is used the most. Condensed yogurt and yogurt are lactic-fermented products from fresh cow’s milk, powdered milk, or animal milk in general after defatting and pasteurizing pathogenic bacteria by pasteurization at 80-90° C.

Today, besides traditional yogurt, you can choose other types of yogurt such as cheese yogurt, fruit yogurt, and pearl yogurt, …

Amazing benefits of yogurt

Prevent osteoporosis

Ingredients in yogurt are mainly protein, calcium, phosphorus, and some other vitamins and minerals. These structural substances are effective in preventing osteoporosis, helping to increase bone density, and improving the weakening of bones very effectively.

vietnamese yogurt recipe
Vietnamese yogurt recipe

Good for digestion

Referring to the use of yogurt, it is impossible to ignore the function of regulating and supporting the digestive system. This is considered one of the most amazing uses of this food for users.

Ingredients in yogurt contain many beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifido Bacterium), which can regulate and soothe the intestinal tract. For children with anorexia, yogurt also helps increase food absorption thanks to the beneficial bacteria that balance the microflora in the intestinal tract.

Reduce cholesterol in the blood

According to research by Dr. Mitchell Jones of McGill University in Montreal (Canada), elderly people who use yogurt daily will help reduce blood cholesterol significantly.

Probiotics are the ingredients that make this product useful. The group of beneficial bacteria will help neutralize the bacteria in the intestinal tract and regulate the digestive system and the vascular system.

Helps treat colds

Yogurt along with other foods rich in antioxidants such as strawberries, blueberries, and berries will help provide a large amount of vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin D along with antioxidants, helping to quickly repel colds. In addition, the carbohydrates in yogurt also contribute to providing energy to help restore health faster after an illness.

Weight control

Yogurt contains protein, calcium, and micronutrients that help reduce energy intake from other foods, thus helping to reduce cravings. From there, the amount of cortisol will decrease, limiting the accumulation of fat in the body, helping to control weight, and limiting weight gain.

Eating yogurt every day will help you improve your physique and skin. However, you should not eat too much in a day, should only use 1-2 boxes/per day.

Prevent high blood pressure

The calcium and potassium in yogurt will help remove excess salt from your body, and at the same time “relax” the blood vessels, allowing the blood vessels to widen a little, thereby reducing high blood pressure. Therefore, people who tend to eat salty foods and consume a lot of salt should eat yogurt regularly to help limit blood pressure diseases better.

Immune booster

The probiotic ingredients in yogurt such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide help improve resistance, helping to fight germs and bacteria that cause disease in the intestines and digestive system. You should use yogurt more often to help build a good immune system for the body.

How to make Vietnamese yogurt recipe condensed milk?

Discover 6 Steps for Making Vietnamese Yogurt Recipe

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is a simple but tasty Vietnamese yogurt recipe. Let’s begin:


  • Yogurt: 1 box (100g)

  • Sugarless fresh milk: 440 ml

  • Condensed milk: 1 box

  • Filtered water: 550 ml


  • Step 1: Mix condensed milk and fresh milk
    Take the unsweetened fresh milk and condensed milk out of the refrigerator and let it cool for about 10-15 minutes before processing so that the yogurt product doesn’t get lumpy or lumpy.
    Then, pour 1 can of condensed milk into a large pot. Next, put 1 box of yogurt into the pot and stir well, continue to add 440ml of unsweetened fresh milk into the pot, and stir with a spoon until the mixture is even and smooth.
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe
  • Step 2: Mix yogurt into the milk mixture
    Add 200ml of yogurt to the warm milk mixture, and stir until the yogurt is completely dissolved. If you like vanilla flavor, you can add it right now.
    To make yogurt more beautiful after incubation, you can filter the mixture by just mixing it through a sieve. Then pour the mixture into the prepared jars and jars.
    Note: The jars for storing yogurt should be blanched with hot water to clean and dry completely before adding yogurt. When the jars and jars are not clean enough, it will kill the yeast, making the finished yogurt easily viscous.
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe
  • Step 3: Yogurt incubation
    Yogurt incubation needs to maintain the necessary temperature for the female yeast to work. To do so, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the container used to brew yogurt.
    Put the yogurt jars in the container, pour warm water (about 50 degrees Celsius) into the container so that it is half full, and cover the surface with a warm towel. Cover the container and leave it in a cool place for 6-8 hours or overnight (if working at night).
    For plastic containers that need to be checked regularly, if the water cools down, add more hot water to maintain the necessary warmth for the yeast to work. When adding water, you should be gentle to avoid the yogurt from being long-legged.
    Incubate yogurt in the oven: Turn on the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for about 5 minutes and then turn it off. Place the yogurt tray in the oven. Close the oven door and incubate for 6-8 hours or overnight. After about 3 hours, turn the oven to operate for about 3 minutes and then unplug the power. With this method, there is no need to add hot water and ensure the necessary warm environment for the female yeast to work at its best.
    Incubate yogurt with a rice cooker: In addition, you can incubate yogurt with a rice cooker by filling the pot with warm water 2/3 of the yogurt jar, and covering and incubating for about 5-8 hours without plugging in the power. For yogurt to ferment evenly during yogurt incubation, you should not move the pot!
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe
  • Step 4: Put the yogurt in the fridge
    After it has been incubated for enough time, the yogurt has frozen, then you put it in the refrigerator. Yogurt after incubation will be thick with a smooth surface, if the consistency is standard when tilting the jar, you will see that the yogurt remains in its original state without melting or spilling out of the jar.
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe
  • Step 5: Finished Vietnamese yogurt recipe instant pot
    You can try the finished yogurt to see if the fermentation level is satisfactory, if the acidity is not enough, the next time you can increase the incubation time or add the amount of female yeast. Put the yogurt in the refrigerator and use it gradually.
    Yogurt after incubation will continue to ferment even in the refrigerator. Therefore, it should be used in a short time to ensure the moderate acidity will taste better.
    Yogurt can be used with fruit or whipped to make a delicious, cool, and nutritious beverage for the family.
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe
  • Step 6: Preserving yogurt
    After the yogurt is cooked, let it cool, you can put it in the freezer for the yogurt to solidify, this way will help preserve it for 5-7 days. If you do not like to eat frozen, you can put the cooked yogurt to cool in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 2 – 8 degrees Celsius, your yogurt will be preserved for 3-5 days.
    Vietnamese yogurt recipe

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Above are our share about the secret to making delicious and nutritious Vietnamese yogurt recipe. Good luck to you!

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