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25+ Most Preferable Vietnamese Snacks You Must Try

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Vietnamese cuisine is a convergence of culinary culture typical of many different regions. Delicious dishes are not only served in luxurious restaurants and eateries but also street food as well as a maze that makes it difficult for you to get out. Vietnamese snacks have an affordable price, but the taste of delicious, exotic dishes that anyone who has tasted it cannot easily forget.

Mixed rice paper (Bánh tráng trộn)

vietnamese snacks
Mixed rice paper – Banh trang tron

Mixed rice paper is one of the snacks with the simplest ingredients but delicious. With only simple ingredients such as sliced ​​rice paper, mixed with fried dried shrimp, the remaining ingredients vary according to the seller, usually burnt beef lungs, laksa leaves, sour papaya, soy sauce, peanuts, etc. … but when mixed with fish sauce, sweet tamarind sauce, and laksa leaves, the dish has a rather delicious taste.

Beef jerky (Khô bò)

Beef jerky is a familiar snack and is loved by many people. The beef is tough, rich in spices, salty and sweet, and the smell of hot chili peppers on the tip of the tongue makes you just want to eat one piece after another.

Buy beef, wash, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and drain. Marinate beef with a mixture of lemongrass, ginger, garlic, and chopped chili for 8-12 hours in the refrigerator. Next, put the meat in the pot and simmer until the beef releases water, then season to taste, cook until the water runs out, then turn off the heat. Wait for the beef to cool and then take it to dry. When eating, squeeze a little more lemon or lime to add more flavor to the beef jerky.

Dried chicken with lemon leaves (Khô gà lá chanh)

In recent years, dried chicken with lemon leaves has become one of the popular Vietnamese snacks for many people. They have created a special craze among young people, making it a national snack of the working world, served by families during Tet. A cup of iced tea, melon seeds, and a plate of dried chicken with lemon leaves is enough for an afternoon with friends.

Garlic rice paper (Bánh tráng tỏi)

Garlic rice paper is considered a “savior” of rice paper addicts. This dish has captivated young people because of the fragrant plastic rice paper combined with the rich and round taste of salt and garlic. This dish seems to be everywhere because the price is affordable but the taste is unbelievably delicious.

Crispy fried pork skin (Da heo chiên giòn)

Crispy fried pork skin with chili salt is a favorite snack because the fried pork skin is greasy and crispy and the sweet and spicy taste of chili and sugar helps awaken your taste buds.

Purchased pork skin is washed with salt and lemon, cut into bite-sized pieces, and drained. Marinate pork skin with minced chili, paprika, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and salt in the refrigerator for 2 hours and then dry. Put the pan on the stove, saute the garlic and then add the dried pork skin and fry until golden crispy. Mix fried garlic with pork skin for extra flavor.

Muc rim me (Mực rim me)

Muc rim me is one of the favorite snacks in Vietnamese for many people because of the combination of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Crispy, flavorful, and irresistible squid has scored an absolute score in the hearts of snackers.

Dried squid after baking is smashed and torn into bite-sized pieces. Let tamarind soak in boiling water to get the juice. Heat the oil pan on the stove and saute it with ginger, lemongrass, chili, and garlic. Next, stir-fry squid with tamarind juice, season to taste, and cook until the water thickens.

Burnt rice (Cơm cháy)

vietnamese snacks
Burnt rice (Cơm cháy)

Crispy burnt rice dissolves with the salty and sweet taste of cotton balls and hot chili for a rainy day with relatives and friends. Cook the rice, let it cool, then squeeze the rice into pieces and keep it in the refrigerator. After 5-6 hours, take the rice out and dry it. Crispy golden fried rice.

As for the sauce, we mix fish sauce, water, sugar, and chili powder into a paste. With more onion fat, we can enjoy this fried rice dish.

Grilled rice paper (Bánh tráng nướng)

Grilled rice paper is spread with a layer of quail eggs on the surface along with minced meat and onion fat, grilled thoroughly until golden color and the aroma of eggs spreads. Grilled rice paper is not only an attractive dish for women but also for men to refuse this hot, crispy, and fragrant cake.

Pha lau (Phá lấu)

Pha Lau is a familiar dish of the Chinese people, made from animal organs. There are many types of Luc Lau: Pork Lobster, Chicken & Duck, and Cabbage… In which, Grilled is the most popular. This is a rustic, delicious, and strangely attractive dish not only for young students but also for students and civil servants. You can serve it with bread, instant noodles, or better yet, grilled or fried.

Fried dough (Bột chiên)

Fried dough is a simple dish made from rice flour, crispy on the outside, flexible on the inside, and a very attractive snack. Depending on the place and taste of the guest, the fried dough will be processed differently. The crispy golden dough, the green tint of scallions, the papaya flavor, the red chili sauce, and the aroma of fried eggs have captivated many Saigon residents.

Fried/grilled skewers (Xiên chiên/nướng)

Fish balls, beef balls, shrimp balls, okra, tofu … after strung into skewers, they will be fried in a pan of hot oil until the meatballs swell and burn. This dish is eaten with chili sauce and black sauce with a pungent, salty, crunchy, chewy texture, neither too soft nor too hard. In some places, it is also served with radishes, vinegared carrots, and cucumbers…

Crab soup

This is a favorite dish whether it’s hot or cold, and is also sold from restaurants to sidewalks. A cup of delicious soup is usually hot, with the white color of chicken eggs, the red color of crab meat, and the aroma of pepper, and cilantro. Add a little chili, and a little sesame oil, and eat it all the time without getting bored.

Butter fried quail (Chim cút chiên bơ)

Fried quail with butter attracts passersby by its sweet aroma. Delicious butter-fried quails are quails with a natural golden brown color, not a red food color. The soft fatty taste of the meat. When eating, the meat must be fatty and tender, and the head, wings, and legs must be crispy. Quail sauce and a hot loaf of bread are also one of the features that make this dish attractive to hungry stomachs.

Beef jerky salad (Gỏi khô bò)

Beef jerky salad is one of a simple Vietnamese snacks, and easy to prepare. Beef jerky is usually a type of beef that has been thoroughly processed and seasoned, unlike the pre-packaged beef jerky sold in supermarkets. Beef dry salad must be eaten with grated papaya. The papaya is grated and soaked in brine to remove latex and increase its crispness. The top is decorated with a few chopped laksa leaves, increasing the flavor and creating an elegant eye-catching color, and adding a few crispy golden roasted peanuts.

Fried corn (Ngô chiên)

Snacks are often sold on mobile carts along the roadside. Passing by the fried corn cart, the aroma of butter mixed with the smell of hot onions made many people stop and buy a box. Each yellow corn kernel is soaked in butter, and onion fat, accompanied by a small shrimp that is very tasty.

Chicken feet salad with Thai sauce (Chân gà sốt Thái)

Chicken feet mixed with papaya salad, then add fish sauce to mix well. Chicken feet are marinated in flavor, Thai sauce is rich, sour, and spicy, and chicken feet are nutty and lumpy. As for the lemongrass, it’s fragrant, needless to say, whoever eats spicy, eats lemongrass chicken feet and the pressure is stable. Dot the fish sauce again and it will burn.

Iced Cacao with bread (Bánh mì chấm Cacao)

It may seem strange to hear about Cacao Iced Dot Bread, but in fact, this dish has been around for a long time, but only later did you review and spread the word about this dish, so this dish is known to be so popular. The taste of fragrant and sweet cocoa blends with the crispy bread, eat once, remember once

Flan cake

Flan cake is a type of Vietnamese snacks that is steamed from the main ingredients of eggs, milk, and caramelized water. This is a type of cake originating from European cuisine, although it is now popular in many parts of the world. In Vietnam, there are many ways to mix Flan cakes, so if you don’t like the traditional taste, there are absolutely many other options!

Grilled skewers (Thịt xiên nướng)

For a long time, grilled skewers have always been fascinating and enjoyed by young people, especially junk food followers. The skewers are seasoned and seasoned, grilled under the charcoal stove until cooked and fragrant. If you come to Vietnam, immediately enjoy this delicious traditional dish.

Pan bread (Bánh mì chảo)

Pan bread has 2 types to choose from: regular pan bread and special pan bread. The best thing about pan bread is that it is always served hot from bread to sauce, dishes on the pan include: poached opal eggs, fried pate, french fries, fried sausage, ham… The special set was replaced with beef steak, a little hint that the material is made entirely from the lean beef loin.

Fried sticky rice (Xôi chiên)

Fried sticky rice is one of the most famous Vietnamese snacks. One bite is the spread of crispy sticky rice, greasy meat, cool vegetables, and salty cotton rub, helping you to immediately quell the cravings at midnight.

After cooking, the sticky rice is pressed into pieces and then deep-fried. The filling includes meat, carrots, mushrooms, and chopped purple onions, then stir-fry, and season to taste. Use a knife to make a light cut in the middle of the fried sticky rice and then put the filling in the middle to enjoy. Serve with cotton swabs for full flavor.

Bo bia (Bò bía)

Those of you in Hanoi must be no strangers to the sweet, juicy bo bia made from malt candy and grated coconut on beautiful motorbikes running around the streets. However, it is still bo bia, when eating in Saigon, you will enjoy a completely different taste.

It is a mixture of cassava roots, dried shrimp, sausages, eggs, lettuce, and herbs in a thin piece of rice paper, then dipped with a sweet dipping sauce of sugar, spicy chili, the fatty leopard of oil, and flesh.

Desiccated coconut (Dừa sấy)

If you are a fan of sweet dishes, desiccated coconut is an appropriate choice for you. The fatty and fragrant coconut part combined with the sweet and delicious sugar has created a very attractive snack for meeting friends or watching movies with relatives.

Potato tornado (Khoai tây lốc xoáy)

Potato tornado is known as a snack from Korea and it is not known when this dish was invented and is very popular with young people. The interesting thing about this dish is that the potato part shaped like a tornado is fried to a crispy golden color and the greasy cheese flavor creates a very special combination.

Shrimp cake (Bánh tôm)

If you are looking for a delicious and attractive cake, then immediately enjoy shrimp cake. Many people love shrimp cakes because of the beautiful, crispy golden crust mixed with the fatty filling. The soul of this dish is the dipping sauce, you just need to dip a piece of shrimp cake into the dipping sauce and you will feel the rich flavor that is very stimulating.

Above is a summary of 51 cheap but interesting Vietnamese snacks, let’s come and enjoy these dishes. Hope the article has provided you with the necessary information and brought a lot of value.  To keep up-to-date with news about food, places to eat, play, and travel, don’t hesitate to follow Tasty Touch!

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