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Bánh Tráng Trộn: How to Make Vietnamese Rice Paper Snacks?

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Among the current Vietnamese street foods, surely Banh Trang Tron cannot fail to be on the list of the most delicious ones. Bánh tráng trộn is sold all over the streets of Vietnam, but if you want to make this dish yourself at home, it’s also very easy. Let’s discover the simple but tasty Banh Trang Tron recipe with us!

bánh tráng trộn
Bánh Tráng Trộn Recipe

What is Bánh Tráng Trộn?

Bánh tráng trộn (aka Banh Trang Tron) is a famous Vietnamese street food, originating from Tay Ninh province. At first, people took advantage of the crumbs cut from the rice paper machines, mixed with a little oil, fried onions, and chili salt. Gradually, this dish became familiar to the locals and soon became popular in many places.

Over time, this kind of Vietnamese rice paper snack is combined with many more toppings such as satay, roasted peanuts, dried beef, quail eggs, and sour mango,… Yet the ingredients are extremely harmonious, creating a chewy recipe. When eaten, the tip of the tongue is numb with a sweet and sour taste. In addition, the fleshy taste of roasted peanuts, and the pungent taste of laksa leaves make the mixed rice paper balanced, giving diners an unforgettable feeling.

How to make Banh Trang Tron?

Bánh Tráng Trộn: How to Make Vietnamese Rice Paper Snack?

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: RecipesCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is the simple but tasty Bánh tráng trộn. Let’s begin:


  • 1 pack of rice paper

  • 5 quail eggs

  • 2 kumquats

  • 1/2 green mango

  • 20g black beef jerky

  • 20g dried pork or dried squid

  • 25g green onion, purple onion

  • 25g laksa leaves

  • 25g roasted peanuts

  • Cooking oil

  • ½ tbsp satay

  • ½ tbsp dried shiitake

  • ½ tbsp Tay Ninh shrimp salt

  • 1 tbsp black beef dry water

  • 1 tbsp of soy sauce

  • 1 tbsp of vinegar

  • 1 tbsp of white diameter

  • 1 tbsp of tamarind sauce

  • 1 tbsp of roasted peanuts

  • Tools: Scissors, bowls, knives, nylon gloves

  • Soy

  • Fried onion

  • Chili, garlic, satay


  • Step 1: Make the sauce
    Firstly, in order to have a complete and delicious banh trang tron, you need to create the sauce-making process. This sauce is made from a mixture of simple spices with a relative recipe, which can be added or reduced according to taste.
    Put soy sauce, vinegar, and enough amount of sugar into just a small bowl, and then you can stir until all ingredients dissolve. Chop chili, garlic, and lemongrass and add to the mixture. Mix the ingredients together. Add the marinated sauce, and finely ground peanuts and add to the mixture. If you like spicy food, you can add more satay to make it spicier.
    You have the option of adding the prepared sauce to the stage in which you are combining the ingredients with the rice paper, or you may sprinkle it on top of the meal when you are serving it. After successfully making the sauce, let’s shake hands to perfectly complete the banh trang tron recipe.
    bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 2: Cut the rice paper into rectangular pieces of the right size.bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 3: Peel and slide mangos ​​into long strands, and set them aside.bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 4: Peel the onion and slice it thinly. After that, you can put the pan on the stove and add a little cooking oil, when the oil is increasingly hot and in case you feel it’s hot enough, add the onions and fry until fragrant. When the onion turns orange-yellow, remember to turn off the heat and then add 1 tablespoon of satay, mix well and let it cool.bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 5: Chop the scallions. Put the pan on the stove and add a little oil, add the onions to fry the onions. Note: when the oil is hot, stir the onions a few times and then turn off the stove.bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 6: Boil quail eggs and peel them.bánh tráng trộn
  • Step 7: Add rice paper, mango, onion fat, shrimp salt, water (squeeze without seeds), peanuts (about 3/4), laksa leaves, and fried shallots and if you like, you can add them as well. Sauce (see recipe below) in the prepared large bowl. Wear plastic gloves and mix all the ingredients up to 4 times.
  • Step 8: Put everything on a plate, put pork chop, beef jerky, mango, peanuts, and the remaining quail eggs on top and serve to enjoy.bánh tráng trộn

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How to preserve Vietnamese rice paper salad?

The types of Vietnamese rice paper salad/snacks are diverse due to variations from traditional dishes. Currently, you have many different options to enjoy this kind of food. Rice paper salad can be divided into two types: unprocessed and processed.

  • Unprocessed types include tamarind rice paper, fried onion rice paper, butter rice paper, satay rice paper, salted rice paper, etc.
  • Processed types include: traditional mixed rice paper, rolled rice paper, etc.

Of the above-mixed types of rice paper, the unprocessed type can be preserved longer by:

  • The Vietnamese rice paper salad will become dry and unpleasant if you keep combined rice paper in the fridge.
  • The mixture of rice papers should be kept in a spotless, dry location away from chemicals in the kitchen and moisture.
  • Cover the product tightly if not completely used.

As for the processed type such as traditional mixed rice paper, if you want to leave it overnight, don’t forget to preserve it by keeping the ingredients separate. All ingredients should be stored in the refrigerator, with the exception of rice paper. Bring out a fresh batch when you’re ready to eat, then indulge. If mixed, you should not leave it overnight because that way, the dish will be degraded and not good for your health.

Bánh tráng trộn at first glance has a lot of ingredients, but it’s actually quite easy to make. Hopefully, with the simple way to make delicious rice paper and sauce at home from Tasty Touch, you have more secrets to making a super delicious and hygienic snack.

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