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What Served With Pho? Vietnamese Sauce For Pho And Side Vegetables

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What is Vietnamese Pho?

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, originating from Nam Dinh, Hanoi, and is considered one of the typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine.

Vietnamese Sauce For Pho

The main ingredients of pho are pho noodles and broth along with thinly sliced beef or chicken. The most suitable beef to cook pho is meat and bones from beef breeds (domestic beef, yellow cow). In addition, there are also spices such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon, fish sauce, and chili … These spices are added depending on the taste of the user. Today, let’s Tasty Touch discover what kind of Vietnamese sauces for Pho or condiments a bowl of pho will normally be served with.

Vietnamese sauce for Pho

Hoisin sauce

Hoisin sauce is a familiar condiment with pho. Hoisin sauce is a condiment of Chinese origin, made from many different ingredients such as fermented soybeans, cumin, fresh chili, and garlic. Black soy sauce has a sweet, slightly comparable taste, often added directly to the bowl to eat with pho or used as a beef dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Sauce For Pho

Chili sauce

Chili sauce is one of the Vietnamese sauce for Pho and it is very suitable for those who like spicy food. Chili sauce is one of the familiar spices eaten with pho in both the North and the South. With only half a teaspoon of chili sauce, the bowl of pho will have a strong aroma, a balanced taste, and a more prominent color.

Vietnamese Sauce For Pho

Side vegetables for Pho


Green onions are one of the indispensable spices for Hanoi Pho. This is also a very common vegetable, appearing in most Vietnamese bone soup, vermicelli, and vermicelli. Scallions have a slightly pungent, sweet, and warm taste, which is said to help mask the odors present in beef and bone broth. In addition, scallion is also very effective in treating flatulence, indigestion, and cold.

Fragrant vegetables

Coriander has many different names such as coriander or coriander. This is a vegetable whose stem and root are both used to cook pho. In particular, the leaves and stems of vegetables are often chopped and added directly to the bowl of pho with scallions, while the large roots will be used to create a fragrance for the broth.

Coriander has a very light smell, easy to eat, and is easy to combine with many different ingredients. Therefore, in addition to noodle soup, coriander is also used in Vietnamese dishes such as bread, fried potatoes, pho rolls, fried spring rolls, or mannequins.

Maybe you wonder how many calories in Pho, and the article will tell you.


Coriander in the South is often called with the name cilantro. This is a vegetable often used to eat raw or used as a spice in bamboo shoot soup, and stewed bone soup. For pho, coriander is rarely put directly into the bowl, but is often used as a raw vegetable to eat outside.

Vietnamese Sauce For Pho


Onions are usually halved, thinly sliced ​​, and sprinkled on bowls of pho before being served to diners. This type of ingredient has a pungent, sweet, and crunchy taste, which will help the broth and noodle soup become richer, more delicious, and more attractive. Similar to green onions, onions have a very good effect in supporting digestion and reducing bloating, especially suitable when eating beef dishes such as beef noodles.


If you have had the opportunity to enjoy pho at Pho Thin restaurant at 13 Lo Duc, you will see shallots appear in a bowl of pho along with scallions and other spices served with pho. This is also the vegetable that makes the unique and delicious flavor of Pho Thin.

Shallots have a similar flavor to scallions, but are more pungent, and have a slightly tart, garlic-like taste. This vegetable can help eliminate bacteria and fungi that are harmful to the digestive system, reduce flatulence, and indigestion, and stimulate intestinal digestion.

Mung beans

Similar to Chinese coriander, mung bean sprouts are a seasoning vegetable served with pho that is used as a raw vegetable when eating Pho Bac. However, in the South, mung bean sprouts are often blanched, then put on a separate plate or bowl, and then served with pho.

Mung bean sprouts have a sweet, cool, and crunchy taste, which will help the pho become sweeter and lighter. In addition, in the hot summer, this is also a vegetable with a very good cooling effect.


Less common than the other 6 vegetables, basil is usually only used as a raw vegetable to eat in pho. This is a vegetable with a spicy, hot character and a mild aroma, which will help make pho more delicious and attractive.

The article gives you information about Vietnamese sauce for Pho and side vegetables which are served with Pho, hope it is helpful for you.

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