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Vietnamese Pho Calories – The Benefits That Pho Offers

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Pho is a traditional breakfast dish that can provide abundant energy for a productive working day. So how many calories are in pho? Do you get fat if you eat a lot? How to eat to not get fat, please refer to the article right below.

vietnamese pho calories

How many calories are in 1 bowl of pho? Vietnamese Pho Calories

According to nutrition experts, average Vietnamese pho noodles calories from 430 – 480 kcal. However, depending on the ingredients for the broth, the ingredients of the accompanying meat, and other cooking flavors, the bowl of pho can provide different levels of energy. So specifically, what are the Vietnamese pho calories?

How many calories are in beef noodle soup?

Beef noodle soup is very good for health because this dish can add a lot of energy and necessary nutrients. Each bowl of beef noodle soup contains calories from 431 to 456 kcal. In addition to calories, beef noodle soup has ingredients including potassium, protein, and minerals that are good for the immune system and restore the body effectively.

vietnamese pho calories

In addition, this dish also provides an abundant amount of iron, protein, ammonia acid, and fiber, and uses vitamins to help improve the digestive system and keep the body firm. Accordingly, based on the ability of each person to eat, you need to balance a reasonable portion to recover and regain energy faster for the body.

How many calories are in chicken noodle soup?

If you wonder how many calories is Pho, the article will tell you the truth. With 1 bowl of chicken noodle soup, there are 483 kcal calories, higher than beef noodle soup. The calories provided in chicken noodle soup are mainly from the broth combined with rice noodles and chicken. In the case of eating with other foods such as green vegetables, crackers or bread… the calories will increase a bit.

vietnamese pho calories

How many calories are in vegetarian pho?

Pho provides a lot of energy and essential nutrients for human health. In particular, vegetarian pho contains a lot of vegetables such as celery, onion, star anise, garlic, chili, scallions, and rice noodle … can provide about 160 kcal, 3g protein, 2g fat, 32g carbs, and 3g protein. 1g fiber.

How many calories are in instant noodles?

On the market, there are quite a few products such as instant noodle soup, instant noodle soup, and instant vermicelli… to help energize busy people working and studying. Manufacturers said that it is estimated that a packet of pho with a mass of 100g will provide about 342 kcal of calories.

vietnamese pho calories

In general, ready-to-eat products make many people worry about whether they are fat or not. In fact, the quality of calories in instant noodle soup is lower, so it will not cause weight gain. However, instant noodles cannot provide enough energy as a basic meal. Therefore, eating packaged pho will make the body tired, fast hungry, and lack many nutrients.

If you want to know about the sauce for Pho, you can try to visit our blog.

Is eating pho good for health?

Each normal bowl of pho has diverse and nutritious ingredients to help provide enough nutrients for people to enjoy. In general, each bowl of pho will have ingredients including meat, and bone broth that provides collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, good for bones and joints. Pho contains a lot of starch, ginger helps reduce pain, anti-inflammatory and vegetables will load more vitamins and minerals.

Provides abundant protein

Pho broth made from beef, pork, or chicken bones contains a lot of protein. It is known that protein is a substance that plays an important role in building muscles, tendons, skin, organs, and hormones. It is estimated that on average, each bowl of broth will provide about 30 grams of protein and healthy nutrients that are very good for those who need to recover or are on a diet.

vietnamese pho calories

Good herbal supplement

For each serving of pho, you can use some herbs such as cilantro, basil, onion, bean sprouts, etc. These herbs contain large amounts of compounds that have the effect of reducing risk. chronic inflammatory disease, prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Some people may be sensitive to foods that contain gluten, the main protein found in wheat, and many other grains. However, noodle soup made from rice flour can be mixed with a little tapioca starch, so it will not contain this compound. Therefore, pho will be suitable for people who are allergic to this substance.

Is eating pho fat?

Experts say that the adult body needs about 1,800 – 2,100 kcal per day, equivalent to 667 kcal/meal. So if you eat pho at any meal during the day, you will add 350 kcal, lower than the energy needed, so it will not make you obese.

It can be seen that if you know how to balance the portion of each meal, it will not cause overweight as you think. Eating pho does not make you gain weight at all, but even fully replenishes energy for the body’s activities, especially in the morning.

vietnamese pho calories

Note when eating pho you need to know

Pho is a nutritious, healthy food that can be used every day. However, to add to your eating menu, you need to note a few special points below.

Who should not eat pho

Because it contains many nutrients, not everyone can eat a lot of pho. Accordingly, those who have cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or are on a weight loss diet, should not eat too much pho but need to have a plan to eat pho properly.

Strengthen exercises

In addition, eating to replenish energy for the body cannot be separated from advanced exercise programs. To maintain a healthy body, each person should spend time doing exercises on a treadmill, an exercise bike will help keep the slimmer and have the most standard physique.

Combine lots of greens

Every time you use pho, you should also add green vegetables to increase fiber to maintain a stable weight. In particular, you need to limit excess fat, combine eating sprouts, and herbs to have enough fiber to help your body easily digest, lower blood sugar, and blood cholesterol, prevent cancer, limit disease cardiovascular, and effective weight loss.

vietnamese pho calories

So through the article about Vietnamese pho noodles calories, Tasty Touch hopes to help readers have detailed information and have the most suitable regimen for their own health. Hopefully, the above article will help you gain more nutritional knowledge to allocate calories in your diet and plan your own exercise.

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