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Discover the Secret Behind Vietnamese Chicken Wings Recipe

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Vietnamese chicken wing is a fried dish that is loved by many young people. On a slightly chilly day, lying in bed watching a movie and sipping a piece of deep-fried chicken wings, drinking a sip of coke, is a treat. So, go to the kitchen with Tasty Touch and discover the secret of Vietnamese chicken wings recipe for refreshing entertainment!

What is Vietnamese fried chicken?

vietnamese chicken wings recipe
Vietnamese chicken wings recipe

Fried chicken originates from the Southern United States, and was introduced to Vietnam about a century ago. The main ingredients are pieces of chicken that have been rolled in flour and then fried in a pan, deep fried, pressure fried, or fried without oil. The breadcrumbs will help the chicken have a crispy outer shell, while the meat inside is still soft and succulent. 

Usually, people do not fry the whole chicken but cut it into separate parts. People often choose to fry chicken thighs or wings because these parts are succulent and not dry.

Before frying, chicken pieces are usually coated with a flour mixture that may contain eggs or milk, or dipped in flour or breadcrumbs. You can also add seasonings such as salt, black pepper, paprika, paprika, garlic powder, or onion powder together. Before that, you can marinate or soak the meat in fermented milk, the acidity of the milk will soften the meat.

For deep frying, it is necessary to use a deep fryer or similar device. The chicken pieces will be dipped in cooking oil or fat (liquid fat). Basically, deep frying is submerging food in oil to cook at very high temperatures.

How to make Vietnamese chicken wings recipe?

Discover the Secret Behind Vietnamese Chicken Wings Recipe

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Below is a simple but tasty Vietnamese chicken wings recipe. Let’s begin:


  • Chicken wings 3 pieces

  • Deep-fried dough 150 gr

  • 1 chicken egg

  • Filtered water 60 ml

  • Cooking oil 400 ml

  • Common seasoning (seasoning/salt/sugar/ground pepper)


  • Step 1. Prepare the ingredients
    Chicken wings after buying, wash and massage the salt into each chicken wing. After that, you wash the chicken wings 2-3 more times with clean water and then take them out to dry. Next, use a knife to cut a few light lines on the chicken wings to make the chicken easier to absorb the spices. You pour 1/2 of the deep-fried dough (about 75g) on ​​a plate.
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 2. Pre-boil the chicken (Optional)
    Just rolling the dough and then frying it, the meat will not be cooked enough. So we can cook the chicken about 80% in advance so that when frying, the meat is cooked evenly and more delicious than you.
    Put a non-stick pan on the stove, wait until the pan is hot, then add the chicken, cover and simmer like this with low heat for about 3 minutes. Then, you turn the meat, continue to cover, and stew with medium heat for about 3-5 minutes. When you see the meat is about 80% cooked.
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 3. Marinate the chicken wings
    Place the chicken wings in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of seasoning, 1 teaspoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of ground pepper. Next, mix well and let the chicken wings infuse the spices for about 30 minutes.
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 4. Mix the powder
    Put the remaining 75g of crispy batter in a bowl. Then, you add 1 egg, and 60ml of filtered water into the bowl and use a chopstick to stir the mixture until the dough becomes viscous and achieves a certain smooth consistency.
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 5. Roll chicken wings with crispy batter
    Place a plate of dry crispy batter right next to a bowl of wet dough. Next, dip the chicken wings in the wet flour, then roll the chicken wings in the dry flour.
    Next, you take the chicken wings and dip them into the wet batter again. After that, take the chicken wings and roll them through a layer of dry flour and then arrange the chicken wings on a plate. Roll the chicken wings in the order above until the end of the chicken wings.
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 6. Fry the chicken wings
    Put the pan on the stove and add 400ml of cooking oil to the pan. You turn on the stove, wait until the oil is hot, then add the chicken wings and fry on medium heat. Stir continuously until the sides of the chicken wings are golden brown, then remove to a plate lined with greaseproof paper.
    You turn to fry the remaining chicken wings in the order above. After the chicken has reduced the excess oil, you can put the chicken on another plate and use lettuce to decorate it and you’re done!
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 7. Finished Vietnamese fried chicken wing recipe
    Crispy fried chicken wings with flour coating on the outside are crispy, the chicken inside is soft and delicious. Chicken wings served with ketchup or chili sauce will definitely be an interesting and attractive snack for boring days. Let’s go to the kitchen and try it now!
    vietnamese chicken wings recipe
  • Step 8. Preserving fried chicken wings
    If you don’t have enough fried chicken to eat, you can put it in the refrigerator for about 2-3 days, when you eat it, it’s still crispy like new. If stored in the freezer, it can be kept longer (about 1 week). Before serving, defrost, re-fry, and use as usual.

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How to choose fresh chicken wings?

  • To buy fresh chicken wings, you should pay attention to observing the outer skin and the inner meat of the chicken wings to make the best decision.
  • Fresh chicken wings often have iridescent yellow skin, smooth, not rough, with good elasticity, and not crumbling.
  • The flesh inside is usually red or light pink, the flesh color is moderate. In particular, the surface of fresh chicken meat will not have the appearance of bruises or hematomas.
  • When buying chicken that is available in the supermarket, you should pay attention to checking the expiration date on the package to avoid buying expired chicken.
  • When buying at the store, you can check to see if the chicken wings have been imprinted with the inspection mark before deciding to buy.

Tips for preparing chicken wings

Step 1: Put a pot of water with star fruit leaves on the stove and bring it to a boil. When the water boils, put the chicken wings in the pot and cook for 3-5 minutes.

Step 2: Take out the chicken wings, let them cool and proceed to pluck all the chicken feathers, especially the remaining feathers on the chicken wings.

Step 3: After that, wash the chicken wings several times with clean water so that the skin and chicken are hunted again.

Step 4: Massage chicken wings with a mixture of vinegar and salt, or soak chicken wings in this mixture for 3-5 minutes.

Step 5: Next, you just need to take out the chicken wings and wash them with water.

Other tips:

  • Cut off the oil gland on the tail of the chicken, if you can’t use it, you can cut off the tip of the chicken’s tail so as not to affect the taste of the dish.
  • First, you use vinegar mixed with salt and then apply it evenly on the chicken or you can soak the chicken in that mixture for about 3-5 minutes. Then rinse with clean water many times to be able to prepare attractive dishes.
  • In addition to using vinegar, you can also replace it with lemon juice mixed with a little salt and then proceed as above.

Above are our share about the secret to making a delicious and nutritious Vietnamese chicken wings recipe. Good luck to you!

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