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Best-ever Authentic Wonton Soup Noodles (Mỳ Vằn Thắn) Recipe

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What is Wonton soup noodles – Mì vằn thắn?

Wonton noodles (also known as wonton noodles – Mì hoành thánh, mì vằn thắn) (Chinese Pinyin: Yúntūn miàn; Cantonese transliteration: wàhn tān mihn) is a Cantonese noodle dish. Wonton noodles were not given a name, úntún 餛飩, until the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

wonton soup

The dish is popular in Southern China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The dish is usually served in a hot broth, garnished with leafy vegetables and wontons. The leafy vegetables used are usually kai-lan, also known as Chinese kale. Another type of dumpling called Shui jiao is sometimes served in place of wonton. (Shrimp wontons are commonly known as Hong Kong dumplings (Shui jiao) 蝦 餛飩.

Wontons contain shrimp, chicken or pork, and green onions, with some chefs adding mushrooms and black fungus. In Indonesia, wonton noodles are called mie pangsit.

In Guangzhou and Hong Kong, wonton soup noodles are often served in a hot soup with shrimp wonton and garnished with leafy vegetables. There are many variations of this popular Cantonese dish, with different toppings and garnishes. For example, in soup and wonton in a separate bowl, noodles are served relatively dry, with toppings and garnish, mixed with sauce, and dipped noodles in soup to eat.

Wonton soup recipe

There are four distinct characteristics: First, wonton soup is mostly shrimp, with a small amount of minced pork, or no pork at all. The traditional way of making wonton consists of 70% shrimp and 30% pork.

Second, fans will insist on the fresh, smooth thin noodles that are al dente, from the taste and smell that is characteristic in many types of egg noodles when cooked.

wonton soup

Third, the broth is light brown (made from dried halibut) and is usually steamed hot. Finally, chives are used for garnish. The first two give the dish a wet but crunchy feel. The last two give the dish a unique character.

To ensure that the noodles are perfectly al dente and without the “fishy” smell of the noodles, the cooking process and sequence must be followed meticulously. Wontons are cooked first, then placed in a bowl.

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The noodles are blanched for just 10 seconds, then they are rinsed under cold water and placed in a serving bowl. The hot bouillon broth is then scooped into bowls, over wonton noodles. The broth should be tasty, but not too strong to overpower the delicate flavors of wonton and noodles that it is meant to be.

When serving, the spoon should be placed on the bottom, with the wonton above the spoon and the noodles on top. Because if the noodles soak in the soup for too long they will get overcooked, this is strictly followed by the best wonton noodle establishments.

Although “wonton soup noodles” are synonymous with noodles and wontons served in hot bouillon broth, the dishes can also be served “dry”, as in lo mein 撈麵), where the wontons are located on a large serving of noodles.

Wonton Soup Noodles (Mỳ Vằn Thắn) – A Unique And Delicious Dish Of Hanoi People

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: Meat, Noodles (Mỳ), Recipes, Shrimp, Vietnamese noodles


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Wonton soup noodles are best eaten in the cold winter. Sitting quietly at home, sipping sweet soup, eating a piece of wonton, juicy char siu meat, people are healthier, love life much more. After being introduced to Vietnam in the 1930s, wonton soup noodles are a unique combination of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. Let’s get started with Tasty Touch!


  • Fresh shrimp 200g, dried shrimp 50g

  • Minced meat 100g

  • Pork liver 100g

  • Pork bone 1kg

  • Egg noodles 1 large package

  • 1 onion, 1 radish, 1 carrot, 2 eggs

  • Wood ear, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, sweet vegetables

  • Salt, seasoning, pepper, 1 dried onion

  • To make char siu: 500g ham, 2 tablespoons malt sugar, 1 tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1.5 tablespoons oyster sauce, ½ teaspoon five spices, 3 cloves of minced garlic, ½ teaspoon pepper coffee.


  • Step 1: Make char siu meat
    Wash the meat, pat dry, and cut into 2-3 pieces. Put the ingredients in the pot (don’t add the meat), until it becomes a thick, sticky mixture, let it cool. Marinate the meat with the mixture just made, and let it sit for a few hours for the meat to infuse the flavors. Turn on the oven, and bake the meat at 220 degrees Celsius until the meat is cooked. Thinly slice the meat.
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  • Step 2: Boil the broth
    Boil water, blanch the bones, skim off the black foam, then wash the bones. Onions are peeled and cut into small pieces. Radish peeled carrots and cut them into pieces. Wash the dried shrimp to clean.
    Marinate bones with carrots, radishes, onions, and dried shrimp for about 2 hours. You can cook with a rice cooker for convenience, when you see black foam floating, take it out. Add salt and seasoning to make the water rich.
  • Step 3: Make wontons
    Soak shiitake mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms, and then finely chop. Chopped dry onion. Fresh shrimp, peeled and diced. Mix minced meat, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, shrimp, and sautéed onion together. Put the filling in the middle of the crust, roll it up to make boiled wontons, and fold it into a triangle to make fried wontons.
    Boil the wontons: Put the wonton in the pot of broth, when the wonton floats up, it is cooked, then take it out. With fried wonton, you put oil in a deep pan and fry each piece of wonton. When the crust is golden crispy, take it out.
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  • Step 4: Make the filling for the bowl of noodles
    Hard-boil eggs, peel, cut in half or make 4. Wash, boil, and slice liver. Steamed fresh shrimp, peeled. Choy sum needs to be blanched in boiling water until cooked. Egg noodles are blanched in boiling water to remove excess oil, boiled noodles until cooked, take out noodles, and pour over cold water to prevent noodles from being crushed and sticking together. Wash the scallions, cut them into chunks or finely chop as you like.
    Put some noodles, sweet vegetables, a few pieces of boiled and fried wonton, 2 shrimps, 1 piece of egg, a few pieces of liver, and green onions in a bowl. Chan adds broth and enjoys it.

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