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How to Make Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie?

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There’s nothing better than a cup of cool avocado smoothie to cool off on a hot summer day. Not only for refreshment, but avocado also has a positive effect and contains many nutrients that are good for health. A cup of buttery and sweet avocado smoothie through the harmonious combination of avocado and milk is a taste that anyone who enjoys will love it. Let’s save the below way to make a Vietnamese avocado smoothie in the article below!

vietnamese avocado smoothie
Vietnamese avocado smoothie recipe

Benefits of avocado smoothie

Vietnamese avocado smoothie (sinh to bo) is a beverage made from 2 main ingredients: ac and milk. The way to make an avocado smoothie is completely natural, especially good for health, and loved by many people because of its greasy, delicious taste. The green color of the avocado blends with the milk to give the smoothie an extremely eye-catching and attractive color.

Almost everyone knows avocado is a very healthy food because it contains a lot of nutrients, minerals as well as vitamins. Avocado is considered one of the most appreciated fruits in terms of the nutritional value that it brings. Avocados contain large amounts of vitamins C, E, and K, monounsaturated fats (good fats), Potassium, Omega-3, Lutein, and many other essential nutrients. 

Avocados have few calories but make you feel full for a very long time, making them ideal for people with diabetes, weight loss goals, or blood pressure issues. Besides, it is also considered a panacea for skin health care, helping the skin fight against aging agents. 

Yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria, which help improve digestive health. The same as avocado, yogurt is also used a lot in beauty, to help lighten the skin tightening and pores. 

For the above reasons, an avocado smoothie is a nutritious drink that is preferred and is also recommended by beauticians to nourish healthy, beautiful, and soft skin.

How to make avocado smoothie?

Below is the simple but tasty Vietnamese avocado smoothie recipe. Let’s take it into consideration:

How to Make Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie?

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Below is the simple but tasty Vietnamese avocado smoothie recipe. Let’s begin:


  • 1 ripe avocado

  • 200ml fresh milk without sugar

  • 100ml condensed milk

  • 1 box of sweetened yogurt

  • Grinded ice


  • Step 1: Cut the avocado in half, remove the seeds, then cut it into small pieces.vietnamese avocado smoothie
  • Step 2: You should remove all the flesh of the avocado, especially the green part near the skin because that is the most nutritious part of the avocado.vietnamese avocado smoothie
  • Step 3: Put the avocado in a blender with fresh milk, condensed milk, and yogurt and blend until smooth.vietnamese avocado smoothie
  • Step 4: Depending on your preferences, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar to suit you.
  • Step 5: After the mixture is fine, add the shaved ice and continue to grind until the mixture is homogeneous.vietnamese avocado smoothie
  • Step 6: If you don’t like adding ice to the blender, you can put the yogurt smoothie in the refrigerator, and after 1 hour you can take it out. The mixture then can be used as avocado ice cream.vietnamese avocado smoothie
  • Step 7: Finished products: Pour the smoothie into a glass, and the yogurt smoothie is complete. Just a few steps and you have completed a cool and nutritious avocado smoothie for the whole family. This avocado Vietnamese smoothie is a combination of the fatty aroma of avocado and the characteristic sweetness of condensed milk that everyone loves to try. vietnamese avocado smoothie

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Tips for choosing tasty avocados

Observe the avocado stalk

You should inspect the avocado’s stem to see if it is ripe.

The avocado is not yet ripe if its stem is green. The avocado is overdone or perhaps scorched if the center of the stem is brown. You should pick avocados if the stem core has a small yellow tint since this indicates that they are newly ripened and will taste great.

However, if you buy a lot of avocados to take home for your family to use gradually, you should only choose a few ripe fruits for the rest, so choose unripe ones to avoid overripe avocados. more.

Green avocados, ripe, pressed or picked when young, will have large stalks, deep recesses, and bright green color. At the same time, the meat is less tight, there is no large tumor, and the firmer the hollow, the more meat the younger the avocado.

Meanwhile, delicious avocados are picked within 1-2 days, when ripe, they will have a slightly wilted stem, and medium fullness, light yellow is a ripe avocado, and green-yellow is just old avocado, so keeping it from 1-2 days will eat better.

In addition, the meat around the stem also has a pinch, the meat is full of firmness.

The ripe avocados due to long picking, ripe and perishable will have a wilted, concave stem-like water and be dark brown in color. The meat inside is bunched up and dry, the meat is not full, and when pressed, it will be soft, not firm.

Observe the outer skin of an avocado

Usually, avocados have green, glossy skin, indicating that this avocado is not ripe and cannot be used. The color of the avocado turns purple-brown, and rough skin means that the avocado has already begun to ripen.

However, there are other types of avocados, such as water avocados, that do not turn brown when they are ripe and mature. Therefore, you have to additionally be armed with more understanding of the several common types of avocados that are available on the market nowadays.

The feeling of holding an avocado

Hold the avocado in your hand and give it a little squeeze all around before making your selection. It is possible to tell whether an avocado is ready to eat by its weight, how solid it feels in the hand, and how it feels when it is soft.

In addition, folk also tell each other how to gently shake an avocado, if there is a sound of seeds inside, it is a delicious avocado. This method is still true for some avocados, but with new avocados today, the ripe seeds are still close to the avocado flesh, so it is difficult to guess whether the avocado is really ripe with this method.

Besides, the sound of shaking the avocado does not confirm 100% of the quality of the avocado. If you shake the fruit with a small sound, it is probably old, but if shaken and the sound is too hollow, then it is definitely young.

Above are the shares of Tasty Touch about the secret to making a tasty cup of Vietnamese avocado smoothie. Good luck to you!

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