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Best Recipe Of Hue Beef Vermicelli (Bún Bò Huế) With 4 Steps

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Perhaps anywhere on the streets of Vietnam, we can also find bun bo Hue restaurants. But not everyone understands all the characteristics and unique beauty of bun bo Hue. Let’s find out the bun bo Hue recipe with Tasty Touch through this article!

What is Bun bo Hue?

Vietnamese bun bo Hue is one of the specialties of Hue, although this noodle dish is popular in all three regions of Vietnam and also with Vietnamese people abroad. In Hue, this dish is simply called “bun bo”. Other localities call it “Hue beef noodle soup”, or “Hue original beef noodle soup” to indicate the origin of this dish.

Bún bò Huế ingredients are vermicelli, beef, and pork rolls, with a typical red broth and lemongrass and shrimp flavor. Sometimes the bowl of vermicelli is also added to rare beef, crab cakes, and other ingredients depending on the preferences of the cook.

In the broth of vermicelli, Hue people often add a little fish sauce, contributing to the very own flavor of Hue beef noodle pot. After the beef bones are cooked, people often add a little pork or crab cakes that are finely chopped. Beef can be thinly sliced, and dipped in boiling broth before being added to a bowl of vermicelli (called rare beef). People also often add a little chili powder and spices to the bowl of vermicelli and then eat it with raw vegetables including bean sprouts, herbs, lettuce, baby vegetables, and chopped banana.

Among the most delicious and flavorful dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, besides common dishes such as rice, pho, bread, and noodles, Hue beef noodle soup is also popular and interesting. This meal can be eaten at any time from morning to evening.

How to make Bun Bo Hue?

4 Steps To Make Hue Beef Vermicelli (Bún Bò Huế) With Vietnamese Taste

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: Beef, Recipes, Rice vermicelli (Bún), Vietnamese noodles


Prep time


Cooking time







In order to have a delicious bowl of Hue beef vermicelli soup (Bún bò Huế) in accordance with Hue standards, it is necessary to go through many stages, from the pot of broth to the ingredients in the noodle dish. And did you know that Bun Bo Hue has been listed in one of the 50 best dishes worldwide?
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  • Fresh vermicelli

  • 1 kg pork leg

  • 500g oxtail or beef shank

  • 300g beef

  • 1 kg beef or pork bone

  • 6 onions (purple onion)

  • 1-2 onions

  • 6 lemongrass bulbs

  • 1 pineapple

  • 3-4 tablespoons fish sauce

  • 1-2 tbsp satay chili to adjust according to taste

  • Salt, fish sauce, seasoning powder, pepper…

  • 200g granulated salt

  • 3-4 old ginger roots (crushed) should choose large ones, the older the better

  • Vegetables: fragrant cinnamon, shredded banana flower, bean sprouts…

  • Chilli

  • Lemon


  • Step 1: Preliminary beef
    After buying pork legs, shave off the hair, cut all the nails, and wash them again. Cut pork leg into medium circles. Put pork leg and beef bones in a pot of boiling water and boil until the water boils again, then drain. Then wash the pork leg and beef bone to clean the dirty foam.
    As for the beef, after you buy it, wash it and cut it into thin slices to taste. You should also note that the meat to make Hue beef vermicelli soup is beef, when eaten, it will be more delicious thanks to the tendon attached to each firm meat.
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  • Step 2: Prepare to cook the broth
    Pork leg, beef bone, and beef in the same pot, add lemongrass and crushed shallot, add water and simmer for about one to two hours. Beef for Hue beef vermicelli soup should not be boiled too hard, it will lose its quality, and if it is too young, it will be tough. To check if the beef is tender enough or not after 30 minutes, take the beef out separately and continue to simmer the pork leg and beef bone.
    Boiled pork leg, beef bone, beef with lemongrass, and purple onion
    Simmer on low heat and add chopped onion, Hue beef noodles soup will be more fragrant and have enough time to secrete sweetness in the bones. You should remember that when you are stewing bones, you want to add water, absolutely do not add cold water, so the bone broth will not be sweet anymore, you must add hot water.
  • Step 3: Cook the broth
    Putting onions in a pot of beef noodle soup will make the broth more delicious
    When the water boils, add a little salt, let the heat simmer until the water boils, and begin to skim off the fat and yellow foam. Cook until the pot of Hue beef noodle soup is almost 1/3 of the water, although it takes a long time to stew, it makes the water thicken and no need for the available Hue beef noodle seasoning powder.
    In a bowl, add 3 tablespoons of fish sauce to a little cold water, stir well, then let the residue settle, and then pick up the clear water of this fish sauce and put it in the pot. Season the pot of water to taste with fish sauce, sugar, rock sugar, and a little MSG.
    Put fish sauce in the pot of Hue beef noodle soup
    Before that, you fry the minced lemongrass with cooking oil, extract the oil, and heat it. Then add the color to the pot of Hue beef noodle soup to get the color.
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  • Step 4: Presenting and using Hue beef vermicelli soup
    Now, prepare a bowl of Hue beef noodles soup, thinly sliced beef, and vermicelli noodles in a pot of boiling water, and then shake off the water. Put the vermicelli in a bowl, then arrange the crab cakes, blood, pork leg, and beef, then add some thinly sliced onion, sprinkle some finely chopped cilantro, and then pour the broth over. Hue beef vermicelli served with chili peppers, sliced banana flowers, and then squeezed with a slice of lemon is great!

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How many calories in bun bo Hue?

Beef and pork rolls are simmered separately for many hours with cinnamon, star anise, and other spices to create a wonderful aroma for bun bo Hue. And according to research, a medium-sized bowl of bun bo Hue that you still buy and eat at noodle shops has about 534 Calories.

It should be noted that a bowl of bun bo Hue with 534 Calories is made from 150g of fresh vermicelli, 50g of beef, 50g of pork leg, 100g of raw vegetables (water spinach, bean sprouts, basil,…), and 300ml of broth.

If you add vermicelli, add beef, and add raw vegetables into the recipe for bun bo Hue, this number will increase. For example, if you add 50g of fresh noodles, add 100 Calories. If you add 10g of beef, you add 23 Calories. And if you add vegetables, the calorie increase is not much, only about 10-20 Calories for 1 serving of vegetables.

In contrast, for those who have a habit of not eating broth, the calorie intake is also reduced by 50-60 Calories. Depending on how you eat bun bo Hue, the calories will also change.

However, we should also know that not all bowls of bun bo Hue have the same number of calories. Because in the process of making bun bo Hue recipe, restaurants or eateries will have a shift in ingredients as well as spices processed according to their own secrets and recipes to help a bowl of bun bo Hue become more special and delicious. than. For example, the bun bo Hue sold in the South will have a slightly changed flavor to suit the Southern people. Therefore, 534 is not always the answer to the question of how many calories in bun bo Hue.

Is bun bo Hue healthy/good for you?

A bowl of bun bo Hue contains about 534 Calories and also contains many other essential nutrients. It consists of:

  • Starch and sugar: there is a lot in fresh vermicelli.
  • Protein: abundant in beef and pork.
  • Fat: found in pork and beef bone broth.
  • Vitamins: found in accompanying vegetables. For example, split water spinach contains Vitamin C, vitamin PP, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc. Thinly sliced onion in bun bo Hue contains vitamin C and vitamin B6,…
  • Minerals: Beef contains sodium, potassium, and iron, … Or onion vegetables contain calcium and magnesium, …
Hue beef vermicelli recipe
Hue beef vermicelli recipe

In bun bo Hue, there is always a high amount of sugar and MSG. They are empty-calorie foods. This means that when you add sugar and MSG to the bun bo Hue, they significantly increase the calorie content without adding any nutritional benefits. The body usually digests the foods in this bun bo Hue quickly. This means that they are not a good source of energy for those looking to lose weight.

But in addition to the above nutrients, a bowl of bun bo Hue also contains a lot of sugar, salt, and cholesterol. As everyone may already know, eating a lot of these foods is not healthy at all. Therefore, you should only eat vermicelli from time to time, not too often.

What does bun bo Hue taste like?

The special flavor of bun bo Hue is mainly in the pungent taste and the characteristic lemongrass smell of the broth. It is an unmistakable Hue flavor and that is what makes people remember this dish forever.

To have a delicious bowl of bun bo Hue, choosing ingredients is a very important step. The best is that you use beef, you can use the front calves or the flower corn, adding more beef will taste better. Using beef bones to stew the broth will be very sweet.

In the broth of vermicelli, Hue people often add a little fish sauce, contributing to the very own flavor of bun bo Hue. The fish sauce should be beaten with cold water, do not use hot water or it will be fishy. If you have time, you can stir it up, add a little salt and sugar, let the sand settle down, then pour the filtered water into the corned beef overnight. When stewed, the corned beef will be fragrant and absorb more taste.

After the beef bones are cooked, people often add a little pork or beef patty. Beef can be thinly sliced, and dipped in boiling broth before being added to a bowl of vermicelli (called rare beef). People also often add a little chili powder and spices to the bowl of vermicelli and eat it with raw vegetables including bean sprouts, herbs, lettuce, baby vegetables, and chopped bananas.

Lemongrass used in a lot of bun bo Hue is very delicious and has the typical flavor of bun bo Hue. Lemongrass you choose small stalks will be more fragrant than large ones, wash, peel off, cut short, use a knife handle to smash or split lemongrass in half, and drop into the pot of broth to boil together, the broth will be very fragrant.

Hue people eat a lot of spicy food, so bun bo Hue cannot be without satay chili. If you are not a spicy lover, you can discolor cashews to make the color, stir-fry hot peppers with cooking oil, add a little bit of ground lemongrass, and drop them into the pot of broth to make the noodles have a nice color without being too spicy. Put the vermicelli in a bowl, put on a few slices of pork shank, encrusted meat, spring rolls, green onions, and onions. Prepare boiling broth on top to cover the noodles. Served with bean sprouts, cinnamon, lemon, banana, and split water spinach.

Bun bo Hue has enough sweet, spicy, and salty flavors to form a delicious dish, and Hue is also the land that will give you the most complete feeling of a past and present Vietnam.

Bun bo Hue is not only a specialty of the dreamy Hue but also one of the dishes representing Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of international friends. Follow this page to discover cach nau bun bo Hue as well as other traditional Vietnamese cuisines.

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