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How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Recipe in 6 Steps?

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Coconut jelly is the top dessert for hot summer days, enjoy the cool crunchy jelly pieces that give you a refreshing feeling. Today, let’s discover the Vietnamese coconut jelly recipe make this jelly for your family members to enjoy.

vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
Vietnamese coconut jelly recipe

What is Vietnamese coconut jelly?

Jelly, or jellyfish, also known as frozen dew (as it is called in the Central Vietnamese dialect) is a snack made from gelatin with added flavor (gelatin is inherently tasteless). It is usually made by mixing pure gelatin with other ingredients or using pre-mixed mixtures of gelatin with additives.

Jelly is a very delicious and cool dessert in the summer and is one of the very popular desserts. Jellyfish has many flavors to choose from depending on the type of fruit or flavoring added. Jelly dish made from jelly powder dissolved in hot water and flavoring from juice, milk,…

Jelly is often eaten cold as a sweet treat or combined with other sweet dishes such as cakes. Finished jellies are sold in a variety of forms, from large beautifully decorated molds to individual serving glasses.

Benefits of Vietnamese jelly

Eat a lot of jellies every day, so do you know the great benefits that it brings to your health and skin? Immediately refer to the benefits of jelly in the content here, and make sure every day you will love this deliciously colorful and delicious snack.

Promote healthy skin

Jelly contains many aspartic acids, an amino acid that promotes the regeneration of cells, enhances collagen production, prevents skin aging, and gives you youthful, bright skin. In addition, agar is also rich in vitamins B8, and B3 to help fight skin inflammation, prevent acne, fight conjunctivitis, and candida infection, prevent eyelashes, eyebrows from falling, and fight nail inflammation, and glossitis …

vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
Vietnamese coconut jelly recipe

Maintain weight

Jelly has a moderate amount of sugar, sweet taste, and coolness, and does not contain many calories, so you can eat a lot without worrying about your body gaining weight. If you want to maintain a certain weight, you should regularly consume this dish.

Strengthen resistance

Carbohydrates and B vitamins in jelly also work to strengthen the body’s resistance. In addition, jelly has amino acids, which play a big role in the recovery process. Therefore, if after exercising, your body is sluggish and tired, you can eat a few pieces of jelly to help your body recover and be healthy again.

Beneficial for people with arthritis

People with arthritis should include jelly in their daily menu. Because gelatin, a substance necessary for the treatment of arthritis, is contained in a lot of jellies. Eating a lot of jellies helps prevent arthritis, and increases the ability to lubricate joints effectively.

Reduce bad cholesterol

Heart attacks, strokes, and diseases related to the cardiovascular system are mostly caused by the patient’s body containing a lot of bad cholesterol. To reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and promote and increase the good cholesterol, you should eat a lot of jellies.

Strengthen hair

Agar, especially fruit jelly, has a lot of folic acids, this acid used to prevent hair loss and thinning. If you eat a lot of jellies every day, your hair will be stronger and smoother.

How to make coconut jelly recipe Vietnamese?

How to Make Vietnamese Coconut Jelly Recipe in 6 Steps?

Recipe by Anne TranCourse: Dessert


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Below is the simple but tasty Vietnamese coconut jelly recipe. Let’s begin:


  • Flexible jelly powder: 1 pack (12g)

  • Coconut water: 1.5 liters

  • Filtered water: 1.5 liters

  • Coconut milk: 150 ml

  • Sugar: 250 gr

  • Grain salt: 1 teaspoon

  • 1 jelly stirrer

  • 1 pcs plastic or glass box

  • 2 pots


  • Step 1: Mix the jelly powder
    Put in a bowl about 125g of sugar and 12g of jelly powder, and mix well so that the sugar and jelly powder is completely mixed.
    vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
  • Step 2: Make the jelly mixture
    Put the pot on the stove, adjust the heat to medium, add all 1.5 liters of coconut water and bring to a boil.
    After about 5 minutes, the coconut water boils, slowly add the sugar and jelly powder mixture, pouring and stirring so that the powder dissolves completely without clumping.
    Next, add in the rest of the sugar, and mix well while adding. After about 2 minutes, add 1 teaspoon of granulated salt, stir until the salt is completely dissolved, then boil for about 1 more minute, then turn off the heat.
    vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
  • Step 3: Make coconut milk
    Add 1 teaspoon of jelly powder to 300ml of fresh coconut water into the pot and stir until dissolved, then turn on the stove. Add 250ml of coconut milk and 1/8 teaspoon of salt to the pot. Remember to keep the fire low to avoid making the jelly clumps
    Add 4 tablespoons of sugar, you can increase or decrease the amount of sugar depending on the sweetness of the coconut water. Then add 1 small pandan leaf to enhance the smell. Bring to a boil and then turn off the heat immediately.
    In this step, you can add a little coffee to make the Vietnamese coconut jelly coffee.vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
  • Step 4: Make agar with coconut milk
    Pour about 2/3 of the coconut jelly into the mold and let it cool.
    For the rest, you continue to boil under very low heat, slowly add 150ml of coconut milk, just add and stir well. Then continue to cook for about 3 minutes, then turn off the heat.
    vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
  • Step 5: Put the jelly into the mold
    The process of pouring the jelly is very important, in deciding the aesthetics and taste of this delicious dish, you should note that the two jelly mixtures must always be warm and hot, otherwise it will be very easy to clump. affect food quality.
    After the surface of the coconut jelly, you poured earlier has dried, use the patch carefully to scoop out all the coconut jelly and sprinkle it on the surface. Pour a layer of coconut jelly into the box, and put it in the refrigerator (you can also put the ice cube next to it to save time) within 5 minutes for the jelly to solidify.
    Pour the layer of coconut jelly into the box, use a spoon to catch the water so that the water is gently poured down and does not damage the coconut milk layer, then put it in the refrigerator for 7 minutes for the jelly to solidify.
    Continue pouring the remaining layers until the box is full, the following layers also need 7-8 minutes to solidify.
    Tip: Don’t let the jelly layers get too cold because there won’t be enough cohesion between the layers, the jelly won’t look good and the layers will fall off.
    vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
  • Step 6: Finished Vietnamese coconut jelly recipe
    After the coconut milk jelly is finished, leave it in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours, then you can enjoy it. When eating, you will feel the sweet taste of extremely attractive coconut water and smell the faint aroma of extremely attractive coconut milk.
    Take the areca leaves out of the refrigerator, if you want to be beautiful, you can use a knife to cut off the rounded corners, cut into bite-sized pieces and serve everyone.
    This is a suitable dessert for hot summer days thanks to its cool and sweet taste that helps to effectively quench thirst.
    vietnamese coconut jelly recipe

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Coconut jelly is delicious, attractive, and cooling, and is also good food for health. Just spend a little time and have a delicious dessert that you don’t need to buy anymore. Let’s follow and share with Tasty Touch many good cooking methods.

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