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The 29 Most Traditional and Popular Vietnamese Che Recipes

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The sweet and refreshing taste of the che Vietnamese food always makes the sweet team fall in love. Whether summer or winter, early or late at night, sweet, supple tea always makes people relax and remember their childhood days. Let’s explore delicious Vietnamese che recipe throughout Vietnam with Tasty Touch through the article below!

Khuc Bach tea (Chè khúc bạch)

vietnamese che recipe
Vietnamese che recipe

Khuc Bach tea is a popular Vietnamese dessert che recipe. Basically, this dish is a form of jelly, but it is much modified in terms of ingredients, more diverse, and eaten together, with a different way of eating from normal jelly.

The name “che Khuc Bach” is to describe the finished shape of the jelly balls that are cut into bite-sized pieces and are usually white in color with milk or coconut milk.

Currently, Khuc Bach tea is transformed into a variety of varieties, such as pieces of Khuc Bach with green tea flavor (green), chocolate flavor (brown), and strawberry flavor (pink) … with many colors and flavors.

Green bean pomelo tea (Chè bưởi đậu xanh)

Grapefruit pulp has a beautiful white color, and when eaten, it has a sweet and crunchy taste; The cooked green beans are soft but not crushed, and the taste is fleshy, combined with the fragrant coconut milk.

Black bean tea (Chè đỗ đen)

Black bean tea with alum sugar has long been a popular Vietnamese che recipe. Regardless of the season of the year, a cup of cool, nutritious black bean soup is always chosen by mothers as a weekend family dish or meeting friends. How to cook black bean soup with alum sugar is both easy to cook and easy to buy ingredients everywhere.

Duong nhan tea (Chè dưỡng nhan)

Duong Nhan tea is a dish that is combined with many ingredients such as snow nest, peach resin, snow lotus, and red apple… Therefore, Duong Nhan tea is also known as Tuyet Yen tea, Tuyet Yen beauty care tea, or Snow nest tea with peach resin.

The reason it has a rather catchy name is “nourishing beauty” because this tea originates from China. Since ancient times, this is a cooling dish often used by palaces and beauties in the palace to beautify and preserve their youthful features. Today, beauty tea is still used by Chinese women and the trend of cooking beauty tea has just been introduced to Vietnam a few years ago.

Ginseng tea (Chè sâm bổ lượng)

What could be more wonderful on a hot day than enjoying a cool and sweet cup of ginseng tea? Ginseng tea will have a light sweet taste, a cool and attractive color, and a pleasant aroma. You can eat it hot or add ice depending on your preference.

Longan lotus seed tea (Chè hạt sen long nhãn)

Longan tea wrapped with lotus seeds looks like iridescent and transparent pearls that are very beautiful. Not only that, when eating, the crunchy sweet taste of lotus seeds mixed with the greasy taste of soft lotus seeds, adding a little sweet sugar water will create a great feeling for the taste.

Mist tea with chia seeds (Chè sương sáo hạt chia)

The cool black chia seed dew is a great choice for you to cool off your body on a hot day. Soft and soft, chewy with crispy chia seeds, blended with delicious, cool fat milk. Surely this will be a cool snack or dessert for that family.

Che troi nuoc (Chè trôi nước)

The round, flexible floating tea balls with green bean paste are a favorite dish of Vietnamese people. Che troi nuoc delights your senses with round tea balls that are pleasing to the eye and the passionate aroma of warm ginger. When eaten, the outer shell is soft and the bean paste inside is sweet and attractive.

Green bean tea with aloe vera (Chè đậu xanh nha đam)

Aloe vera green bean tea is a delicious and nutritious tea with the taste of green beans combined with delicious crunchy aloe vera and sweet coconut milk. Aloe vera green bean tea with crispy pieces of aloe vera mixed with the aroma of green beans and greasy coconut milk is extremely suitable for hot days to cool down and purify the body.

Red bean tea (Chè đậu đỏ)

In hot weather, there’s nothing better than a bowl of sweet red bean soup. Scoop the tea into small bowls and pour in coconut milk to enjoy. When enjoying, you can add ice, and customize the amount of coconut milk according to the taste and preferences of each person.

Sweet potato tea (Chè khoai lang)

Sweet potato tea is one of the most popular che Vietnamese recipe because of its attractive, fatty flavor. Put the soft potato balls and jelly in a bowl, then drizzle coconut milk on top. You can sprinkle more sesame seeds to increase the aesthetic value of the finished product.

Tasty sweet potato tea has a mildly sweet taste, the aroma of sweet potatoes, and coconut water. This tea is suitable for hot days because of the coolness it brings.

Banana soup with tapioca (Chè chuối khoai mì)

Banana soup with tapioca can be eaten hot or cold. The tea is smooth, and when you eat it, you can feel the delicious taste of the ingredients that come together in harmony.

Yellow bananas are warm, fragrant, flexible, and have a rich sweet taste, the fleshy tapioca also has a fatty taste that is infused with coconut milk, tapioca starch, and chewy tapioca flour. This tea will be the right choice as a dessert or snack for your family!

Corn tea (Chè bắp đậu xanh)

Corn tea is a favorite dish of many people because it is easy to make and has a soft and delicious taste. Corn tea cooked with green beans, and coconut milk on top is sweet, fleshy, flexible, and fragrant!

Mango tea (Chè xoài)

On hot days, there is nothing better than enjoying a cup of cool mango tea, with a sweet and sour taste. Mango you can cook tea with many different ingredients, such as: pearls, dew flute, Bang powder, and sticky rice, …

Mango tea with the sweet aroma of mango, and the fatty taste of coconut, interspersed with the aroma of real milk makes people feel ecstatic. In addition to that, the chewy, cool feeling of pearls and dew or starch or sticky rice is really great. There is nothing better than this tea that can be eaten right on hot summer days like this.

Pumpkin tea (Chè bí đỏ)

Pumpkin is not only used to cook savory dishes but also processed into delicious sweet and fatty tea dishes.

The weather is hot and there is nothing better than having delicious and cool pumpkin tea. Pumpkin tea can change in many different ways, such as: black bean pumpkin tea, sweet potato pumpkin tea, green bean pumpkin tea, and peanut pumpkin tea, …

Mixed tea (Chè thập cẩm)

Mixed tea is a dish that is extremely popular with everyone from the elderly to children. It is called mixed tea because this is a combination of many different ingredients to create unique and delicious flavors that can be customized to each person’s taste. Mixed tea can be eaten all year round, each season has its own unique characteristics.

Bean and lotus seed tea (Chè đậu ván hạt sen)

The lotus seed bean soup is delicious, cool, and nutritious. Whenever it’s hot, go to the kitchen and make a pot of tea for the whole family to enjoy. You can put it in the refrigerator before serving it to keep the food cool. This dish is also very popular with children.

Tapioca tea (Chè khoai mì)

Not only are they cool but also have great taste, the two dishes of tapioca with coconut milk and tapioca pearls are worth showing your family entertainment.

Scoop the tea into a cup, put crushed roasted peanuts on top, and immediately enjoy the fragrant, fatty taste of coconut milk, the soft, chewy, sweet tea is not harsh. Eating one tea makes me want to eat more!

Roasted pork powdered tea (Chè bột lọc heo quay)

Hue has been mentioned as a place with many kinds of delicious tea, but the dish that makes visitors feel excited to try when just hearing the name must be roasted pork tea.

Mixing the crunchiness of filter powder with roasted pork, and adding a little sweet sugar water to warm the stomach with the smell of ginger and the scent of pandan leaves will surely be a new dish to treat your family!

Green bean tea (Chè đậu xanh phổ tai)

Green bean tea is simple but delicious, cool, and helps to cool down very well. You can put the tea in the refrigerator before eating or you can add ice.

Green bean soup with lotus root (Chè đậu xanh củ sen)

It is a harmonious combination of delicious green beans with the freshness and crunchiness of lotus root to create a wonderful dessert and snack to cool off on hot summer days but also has many great uses. Great for health too.

Thai Tea (Chè Thái)

Surely the name “Thai tea” is no stranger to many people, this is a dish that receives a “rain” of compliments from people who enjoy it, especially on hot summer days. Colorful Thai tea with many different ingredients cleverly combined, with the highlight of fresh durian, assorted jellies…

Ba Ba tea (Chè bà ba)

Ba ba tea is considered a typical tea dish of the Southern region. Ba ba tea is delicious and attractive with the sweet taste of alum sugar, the suppleness of cake, and the fragrant aroma of coconut milk. Enjoy this delicious summer tea right away.

Avocado tea (Chè bơ)

At first glance, lotus seed avocado tea looks like cool green pearls, glimmering lotus seeds in the middle of a smooth layer of coconut milk. Just eat a piece of delicious avocado, soft and smooth, and the whole family will be stuck forever. In addition, this avocado tea dish can be modified as you like: served with pearls or Bang powder, …

White bean soup with coconut milk (Chè đậu trắng nước cốt dừa)

Put the tea in a cup, and sprinkle evenly over the face with a little fragrant coconut milk. This dish is suitable for use hot and cold, depending on your preferences, you can enjoy it to the fullest. When eating, you will feel each bean melting in your mouth, mixed with the fatty taste of sweet coconut milk, and the scent of pandan leaves. You will definitely like it!

Three-color tea (Chè ba màu)

Three-color tea is a dish that has been deeply imprinted in the childhood memories of many Vietnamese people. The traditional cup of tea with eye-catching colors, the delicious, sweet, and smooth taste of beans mixed with greasy coconut milk, the cool taste of jelly, etc. All create a very special cup of three-color tea.

Three-color tea is characterized by three colors: red beans, white beans, and green beans. When mixed well, the soft, fleshy beans, and smooth coconut milk are really attractive.

Papaya milk tea (Chè sữa đu đủ)

Papaya tea is an ideal and extremely delicious tea for you to cool down your family on hot days. Fresh milk papaya tea with a light sweet taste, cool and fragrant fresh milk. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Dried longan jelly tea (Chè thạch nhãn khô)

Combining jelly with other ingredients to create new and more attractive dishes is a good idea. And dry longan is a great choice. With dried longan and agar, you can create many delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks, but the special dish that has a cooling and refreshing effect for summer days is dried longan jelly tea.

Above are 28 delicious Vietnamese che recipe that is loved by many people we have compiled. Be sure to check out the website often for more great che Vietnamese dessert recipe!

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