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30+ Vietnamese Wedding Food: Which to Choose for Your Menu?

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On the Vietnamese wedding day, the wedding menu is an important content that needs to be paid attention to. The delicious Vietnamese wedding food will be a plus point to help both the guests and the bride and groom be satisfied. Each region will have its own unique dishes at its wedding party. The Vietnamese wedding food menu below will help everyone make the proper choice for their wedding party.

Vietnamese Wedding Appetizers 

Wedding appetizers are the first dishes served at the beginning of a wedding party. These Vietnamese wedding anniversary food will be brought out about 15 to 20 minutes before the main course. Appetizer has the same meaning as the name, this is a dish that stimulates the taste buds to make dinners more appetizer. This is considered a stepping stone for diners to enjoy the next dishes.

Lotus root salad with shrimp and meat 

Shrimp and lotus root salad is quite popular in restaurants because of its sweet, chewy, and crunchy taste. Salad can be combined with other ingredients to make a delicious and attractive dish. Depending on the taste of each person, the salad can be mixed with many different ingredients such as shrimp or pork, chicken …

Banana flower salad 

Referring to the banana flower mannequin, surely everyone will immediately think of the banana flower salad. This is a dish with a cool taste with a sweet and sour taste combined with crispy pork ears to ensure a new feeling for those who have never enjoyed this rustic dish.

Scallop soup

The next dish that should be included in the wedding appetizer menu is scallop soup. With the main ingredient being scallops, it has long been known as an extremely healthy dish, especially for the heart. When combined with chicken thigh mushrooms, it adds a delicious and nutritious part. This would be a great starter dish for the perfect party.

Thai-style seafood salad 

If you are a Thai food enthusiast, this will be a must-try salad in your wedding appetizers. The ingredients to prepare for a delicious and flavorful salad include Black tiger shrimp, fresh squid, grated banana, lemongrass, etc. Through processing, it creates a sweet and sour salad with extremely attractive colors. The tough squid meat combined with the sweet taste of fresh shrimp can’t be boring.

This will be one of the appetizers in the wedding party that stimulates the taste buds.

Shredded chicken salad 

Chicken is always known as a delicious dish that everyone loves. The shredded chicken salad is one of the chicken dishes that makes a great appetizer for the whole party. Chicken undergoes a careful selection process that is boiled and then torn into small pieces by hand. Then proceed to the spices such as ginger, lemongrass, chili, and lemon leaves, … mix well.

The finished product will have both the sweetness of chicken and the aroma of lemon leaves combined with sour, spicy and sweet to create a very special taste. This salad will be a simple, easy-to-make wedding appetizer that doesn’t take too much time.

Pomelo salad with shrimp and squid 

Squid pomelo salad is an appetizer for any party or very suitable in the family tray on the weekend. The sour and sour taste of the succulent grapefruits combined with the sweet and chewy shrimp and dried squid creates a great dish.

Sichuan cockle 

Sichuan cockle is a famous appetizer in Chinese wedding restaurants. Sichuan Blood cockles have a light aroma, harmonious sweet and sour taste, and are a little spicy. Blood cockles are a rich source of protein, containing many minerals with high nutritional value such as magnesium and zinc, both of which help strengthen the body’s endurance.

Szechuan cockles are a nutritious dish that combines the natural flavors of oysters with the mild aroma of spices, all blended to create a wonderful appetizer.

Asparagus soup

Asparagus soup will be a delicious soup that is suitable for your wedding appetizer. This soup helps your stomach to better digest before a meal with too many nutrients. The main ingredient is asparagus combined with celery, chicken broth, …. After completing the soup, it will have a smooth, fat green color that is extremely beautiful.

Mushroom cream soup

If you are already a follower of European and American cuisine, you can’t help but love the creamy mushroom soup, a light appetizer but also great for a wedding party. The characteristic aroma of mushrooms with the light fat of the cream combined seems to awaken the entire taste of the person enjoying it.

Vietnamese Wedding Main Courses

Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken is the main dish on major Vietnamese holidays. This traditional Vietnamese wedding food attracts people with its soft-boiled chicken and the delicate scent of lemon leaves. The boiled chicken at the wedding is beautifully decorated with golden chicken skin, and evenly chopped chicken pieces, sprinkled with lemon leaves…

Beef lagu

Lagu is an extremely nutritious dish that can add a lot of protein to the body. In addition, this dish is also extremely delicious, so you can safely add it to the party menu. Beef lagu is often served with bread to add flavor to the dish.

Steamed snakehead fish 

Steamed snakehead fish is a new dish, but it is extremely suitable for parties because this dish is not only delicious but also nutritious and easy to make. Steamed snakehead fish is usually served with vermicelli, raw vegetables, and rice paper, and dipped in fish sauce.

Spring rolls

Meat spring rolls are a familiar appetizer dish for diners when attending regular parties. Depending on the taste of each region, you can choose different ingredients to make the filling more attractive.

The crust is made of traditional rice paper, so when fried, it will be extremely crispy. The filling is usually made with ground pork, cat mushrooms, vermicelli, and purple onions. Thanks to this combination, the filling is not dry and still retains the softness of the dish.

Ginger steamed squid

Steamed squid with ginger is the perfect main course for a frugal party, but the taste is extremely delicious. With very simple processing, the dish retains the sweetness of the squid but still has a very fragrant ginger scent.

Fried squid

The fried squid is crispy on the outside and crispy on the inside. It’s very delicious and delicious with chili sauce. This is also a delicious party dish that is very popular with many diners.

You should choose a large squid, cut it into circles, then wash and dry it. You prepare the fried dough with one part dry flour and one part wet dough. After the shrimp is drained, dip it in a layer of wet flour and then cover it with a layer of dry powder. Then put it in a pan of hot oil to make the fried squid crispy, you should pay attention to deep fry the squid in the oil.

Shaking beef

Shaking beef is a dish that is not fussy but always appears on the party tables. The way to make delicious beef jerky is to ensure that the beef is tender and sweet and the vegetables are crispy, so you need to choose parts with thick and soft meat such as loin, thigh, shoulder core, etc. Beef, onion, and bell pepper cut into bite-sized cubes.

Shrimp fried with tamarind

Fried shrimp with tamarind is not only a familiar dish in daily life but also very popular at parties. Thanks to the harmonious sweet and sour taste of tamarind sauce, shrimp dishes are more attractive.

Beer steamed shrimp

Besides the delicious dishes from shrimp that are richly prepared such as deep-fried, fried with tamarind, or fried with garlic… the beer-steamed shrimp dish is also a feast for your valued guests or family. Thanks to the simple way of processing, the shrimp retains the original sweetness and the meat is still crispy.

Thai hot pot

Thai hot pot is a popular hot pot dish at wedding parties, so it is not surprising that this dish appears a lot on the menu of parties. With a strong sweet and sour taste, this hot pot easily won the love of diners. In addition, hot pot ingredients are also very diverse, so you can freely choose to suit your preferences.

Chicken wrapped with sticky rice

Spinach chicken is definitely not a strange dish because they appear at many wedding parties. This delicious and nutritious dish is suitable for all ages. In addition, the crispy fried sticky rice layer is also very suitable when served with chicken and sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Seafood fried rice

Super attractive seafood fried rice with crispy rice grains blended with the sweetness of shrimp, the crispy taste of squid whiskers and the eye-catching fresh and vitamin-rich vegetables such as green peas, red Carrots, the white color of spring rolls blend together to create a delicious plate of hot fried rice.

Roasted pork meat

Roasted pork is quite popular because the dish is not too lean nor too fatty. The pork belly is rich in spices, not too greasy. The pork skin is golden and crispy, the meat under the skin is soft and retains its sweetness. Served with delicious soft fried dumplings.

Bat Buu ham (Thịt nguội Bát Bửu)

It can be said that Bat Buu Cold Meat is the easiest appetizer to make for restaurant chefs. The most difficult stage for this dish is probably the ability to make the dish attractive and beautiful. The main ingredient of this dish is 4 or 8 types of cold cuts. The popular ones are spring rolls, spring rolls, jambon, spring rolls, and beef rolls…

Before the end of the party, guests expect more from the newness that the couple will bring. The delicious desserts will do it for you.

Vietnamese Wedding Desserts


Still a dessert from France, but this time it’s called “aristocratic cake”. The filling of vanilla or chocolate ice cream will be the highlight sandwiched between 2 cake shells with a new flavor. Although small and cute, Macarons need a lot of meticulousness in processing. Moreover, in order to create delicious Macarons, more careful measurement of ingredients is required. Perhaps the title “French aristocratic cake” is not too flowery, is it? If you are planning to hold a European-style wedding, this will be the right cake.

Flan cake

This cake is no longer strange to those who are passionate about Eurasian cuisine. The soft and smooth cake base is made from eggs and milk, bringing an irresistible fatness. The cake is very popular in many shops, even in high-end wedding restaurants like Gala Center. No need to be too fussy, a piece of flan with a little coffee or caramel sprinkled on top is enough to make diners fall in love. From flavor to taste, from color to cake texture, everything is perfect for your wedding restaurant menu.

Maybe you can try to make flan cake at home with our recipe.

26/ Pudding

This is a common dish at many Western parties but was recently introduced to Vietnam. The special feature of the pudding is the blend of many different flavors. A little bit of egg fat, a little sweetness of whipping cream, and a little sourness of the fruit. This is really a soft and delicious dessert, isn’t it?


Fruit is a dessert that is both simple and sophisticated at the wedding reception. The freshness from the fruit will reduce the spicy, salty, or greasy taste of the main dishes. The advantage of treating dessert with fruit is that it won’t cost you too much. However, the minus point of this dish lies in its freshness. Fruit can be used directly without processing. So to ensure a perfect diner experience, couples should pay attention to choosing seasonal fruits to get the best quality.

Royal Tea

Royal afternoon tea can be the perfect way to end a wedding. There is a great range of possibilities in terms of finger sandwiches, individual desserts, and a wide variety of English scones. Remember to include lemon curd, handmade jam, and curd to keep the dish flavorful.


Yogurt, also known by many as Yauout, is a very suitable dessert for wedding parties. The reason is that this dish helps the guest’s digestive system work better after having absorbed a lot of fat and protein from the dishes at the wedding party.


Jelly is also one of the most popular desserts at weddings. Jelly is usually chilled before serving other dishes. It is the delicious and cool taste of areca nut that has made it a favorite dish of many people. Areca leaves have many different flavors from pineapple jelly, coffee jelly, and fruit jelly to coconut jelly.

Strawberry mousse

The type of cake was born in France, making many people fall in love with its special taste. Strawberry mousse cake has a structure with lots of air bubbles, so when eating they will create a feeling of softness and melt in the mouth, making many people excited. Cakes with a lot of creams, fewer cakes, and fragrant and fatty will make cake lovers flutter.

Above are the shares of Tasty Touch about the Vietnamese wedding food menu. Vietnamese wedding food should include appetizers, main courses, and desserts. The dishes on the menu should not be duplicated and must match the taste of the guests. The food for Vietnamese wedding above will be a way for you to refer to and choose delicious dishes to display at your wedding.

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