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Vietnamese Noodles And Things You Probably Missed

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Viet Nam is not only famous for its many beautiful scenes but also known for its rich and diverse cuisine. Spreading across the three regions of North – Central – South on the S-shaped strip of land, there are many attractive noodle dishes (such as vermicelli, noodles, pho, etc.) typical of Vietnamese cuisine. The “fiber and water” dishes are made with many different ingredients, each region has its own unique features from taste to layout that make diners linger forever. Vietnamese noodles are usually made from flour, rice flour… From ingredients, shapes, colors, flavors, and textures, Vietnam has a multitude of different yarns. 

Pho (Phở)

Vietnamese noodles

The most famous among the main fiber dishes is pho. The main ingredients of pho are rice noodles, broth, and basic ingredients such as chicken (or beef), fresh onions… Traditionally, pho is made from rice flour coated in thin sheets and then cut into fibers. . The broth is mainly simmered from beef bones and some spices such as cardamom, ginger, star anise, cinnamon stick, shrimp…

The menu of pho has many different types such as beef noodle soup, rare, cooked, wine sauce, or chicken noodle soup… and all are served with fresh onions, lemon, and chili sauce. In some places, pho is also transformed into many other branches such as fried pho, mixed noodles, fried noodle soup, or fried egg noodles.

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Vermicelli (Bún)

vietnamese noodles

Unlike pho, which has long, flat fibers, vermicelli is rounder, white, and softer. Made from rice flour, vermicelli is molded and then boiled in boiling water. After pho, vermicelli is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. But similar to pho, the soul of vermicelli is the broth. Depending on the type of vermicelli, the broth recipe is also different.

Traveling along with Vietnam, you can find many kinds of delicious vermicelli, typical for each region such as vermicelli with shrimp paste (Northern region), Hue beef vermicelli, Nha Trang jellyfish vermicelli, Soc Trang noodle soup… All This type of vermicelli is eaten with herbs, chili, pickled chili, or pepper…

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Mien (Miến):

vietnamese noodles

Vermicelli has the same shape as vermicelli, but the ingredients to make vermicelli are galangal tubers, green beans, and tapioca. Therefore, the vermicelli is usually flexible, tough, and clear. After processing, the vermicelli is dried and packed into bundles or bags.

Vermicelli is food for people to lose weight because the ingredients used to make vermicelli contain very little starch but are rich in energy, helping people with excess fat not need to absorb a large amount of starch but still have enough energy. to be active, so people who lose weight often eat vermicelli.

There are many types of vermicelli such as eel vermicelli, swan vermicelli, chicken vermicelli… Vermicelli appears not only in Vietnamese breakfasts but also in restaurants ranging from luxury to popular.

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My Quang (Mỳ Quảng):

vietnamese noodles

Along with vermicelli, noodles are also used in many Vietnamese families. Made from finely ground rice flour or wheat flour coated in thin layers then sliced horizontally so that each thread is about 2mm thin. Representing dishes made from noodles is Quang noodles. Unlike other noodle dishes that are soaked in water, Quang noodles are eaten dry, the broth is just thick enough to wet each strand. Quang noodles are served with raw vegetables, shrimp, dried onions…

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Banh da (Bánh đa):

vietnamese noodles

Banh Da is similar to Pho but the fibers of the Banh Da are bigger and tougher, the Banh Da fibers are the noodles that are sliced and dried.

A bowl of delicious crab rice cakes, often with the very attractive colors of the crab bricks, the brown of the rice paper, the dark green of the bay leaf rolls, the green of scallions mixed with the red of the chili, and the yellow of the rice fried onion.

Hu Tieu (Hủ tiếu):

vietnamese noodles

If in the North, pho is a dish that often appears on the dining table of Hanoians, then noodle soup is an irreplaceable dish for breakfast or supper of Saigon people.

A bowl of noodles usually includes noodles, broth, bean sprouts, shallots, meat, beef balls, chili sauce… There are many types of noodles such as Nam Vang noodle soup, knock noodle soup, My Tho noodle soup, satay noodle soup., Sa Dec noodle soup.

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