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Top 10 Most Delicious Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli (Bún) Maybe You Missed

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3 North, Central, and South Vietnam, each region has delicious vermicelli dishes. They are so famous that, if going to related places, one must definitely go and taste those vermicelli dishes. Here, let’s discover the top 10 most delicious rice vermicelli dishes in Vietnam

1. Thang vermicelli (bún thang)

Although it is said that bun thang was born to deal with the leftovers of the remaining Tet tray, “bun thang” can be considered the most sophisticated noodle dish of the North. This noodle dish is sophisticated from the sweet and clear broth simmered from the bones of dried shrimp and chicken.

In addition, the ingredients for the vermicelli bowl are really diverse: chicken, pork belly, eggs must be cut only, dried radish, shiitake mushrooms, a little shrimp paste, and of course a little shrimp paste. The standard bowl of bun thang often makes people ecstatic in both taste and appearance.

You can cook Bún Thang with our recipe.

2. Cha vermicelli (bún chả)

From an extremely common ingredient – pork, the people of the North have come up with a wonderfully delicious vermicelli dish, which is vermicelli. The pork belly is just delicious, thinly sliced, marinated, and then grilled over charcoal until cooked, the fat is sizzling, so it’s immediately grilled. If you want to eat softer, then use minced shoulder meat to make balls.

In addition to the fragrant pieces, just smelling it makes your mouth water, the soul of bun cha is still in the sweet and sour fish sauce and sweet and sour papaya. The dipping sauce is delicious to push the meat to add more flavor, helping when dipping vermicelli and dipping raw vegetables to eat forever without getting bored.

You can cook Bún Chả with our recipe.

3. Rieu vermicelli (Bun riu)

With the main ingredient being a crab, an easy-to-find and familiar food to Vietnamese people, vermicelli noodles are found in all regions, with which each region has a little distinction. Limitations such as vermicelli in the North will be served with tofu, in recent years, pork rolls, beef …

And the Southern noodle soup will have more pork blood or beef balls. The standard part of cooked crab in the North is only made from cooked meat, while the crab sauce in the South will be mixed when the meat is ground.

You can cook Bún Riêu with our recipe.

4. Snail vermicelli (bún ốc)

A typical North Vietnamese noodle dish is vermicelli. Snails are available in any region, but usually, people only boil and stir-fry, but nowhere has snail vermicelli like Hanoi’s. The screws and stuffed snails were washed, boiled, boiled, and then poked into the intestines.

The water is suddenly added with vinegar, spiced down, then poured into white vermicelli, with a few snails, onions, and perilla to have a delicious bowl of “sobbing” noodles. Noodles with snails scored with a mildly sour taste, bar, easy to eat. Recently, to meet the need to eat for a long time, people have added spring rolls, beans, and beef to the bowl of snail vermicelli.

5. Noodles with bean paste with shrimp paste (Bún đậu mắm tôm)

Referring to the influential noodle dish, which is popular in all regions, it must be mentioned that vermicelli with shrimp paste is mentioned. Starting from a rustic dish with only vermicelli, fried beans, dipped with mixed shrimp paste, vermicelli with shrimp paste today has many more dishes, such as spring rolls, boiled meat,…

Moreover, this dish quickly spread to the provinces and became an interesting culinary culture in Vietnam.

You can try to cook Bún đậu mắm tôm with our recipe.

6. Shrimp vermicelli (bún tôm Hải Phòng)

Shrimp vermicelli is a famous specialty in Hai Phong – a city in Vietnam. The main ingredients of shrimp vermicelli are red shrimp au, even the broth is cooked from dried shrimp, so it has a very rich and characteristic taste. Although the main ingredient is shrimp vermicelli, in the bowl of vermicelli, there are also grilled leaves of lolot, even some restaurants also add fried fish, chopped wood ear, and crab rolls.

Accompanied by boiled water spinach or a little bare celery, chopped Chinese coriander. The variety and quality of food have created an irresistible bowl of shrimp vermicelli from Hai Phong port.

7. Hue beef noodle soup (bún bò Huế)

Bun bo of Hue is not only a memorable dish of the ancient capital but also popular to the point of appearing in many cities across the country. Hue beef noodle bowl is really easy to make people fall in love from the first time because the broth has fragrant and rich fish sauce, fragrant, firm, quality pork rolls, sweet and crispy crab cakes with added pork blood, rare beef poignant… plump.

Hue beef noodle soup must be a little spicy to be delicious. A little stir-fried chili will enhance the taste of the vermicelli bowl, making everything blend and extremely attractive.

8. Noodles with seasoning sauce (bún mắm nêm)

Bun mam seasoning is a popular specialty of Da Nang. The initial ingredients of a bowl of vermicelli are simply vermicelli, seasoning sauce, and boiled young jackfruit. Later, side dishes such as roast pork, bacon, beef patties, spring rolls, pork ears… are added to make the bowl of vermicelli more eye-catching and attractive.

Da Nang seasoned vermicelli noodles do not use broth and use seasoning sauce – the typical fish sauce of Da Nang, then pour over the vermicelli, mix well and enjoy. The salty, spicy, spicy fish sauce permeates the noodles, meat, and vegetables, bringing an unforgettable culinary experience of the Central region.

9. Vermicelli with sauce western (bún mắm miền tây)

Bun mam is a familiar dish of Westerners, especially An Giang and Tra Vinh. The broth of the unique noodle dish is cooked with beef sauce, a specialty of the Khmer. Initially, vermicelli only had fish, but later, the cultural interference added spring rolls, rolls, and roasted pork, making the bowl of vermicelli even more full and attractive.

Bun mam not only has a unique taste but also comes with a lot of typical vegetables of the Southwest region such as rafters, bean sprouts, grated morning glory, okra, chives, chopped banana vegetables, bitter vegetables…

10. Chau Doc fish vermicelli (bún cá Châu Đốc)

To cook a delicious bowl of Chau Doc fish noodle soup requires a lot of effort, through many meticulous stages. The fish used in Chau Doc fish vermicelli must be snakehead fish, carefully de-bone fish, lightly sautéed with turmeric to have a beautiful golden color and aroma.

The broth of fish noodles is cooked with fish broth, the fish used must be snakehead fish. In addition, an indispensable side dish in Chau Doc’s bowl of fish noodles is roasted pork.

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