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30+ Dessert Vietnamese Food You Must Try

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Vietnam in the eyes of international tourists is one of the most attractive culinary paradises in the world. The dessert Vietnamese food is also varied and can be overwhelming to foreign visitors. In this article, you will be referred to a list of the most famous desserts Vietnamese food

Dessert Vietnamese food: tea

Lotus seed tea (Chè hạt sen)

If you are looking for a tea that helps you cool down and is good for your health, you can refer to this lotus seed tea! The way to cook lotus seed tea is very simple, but with many different cooking methods to create different flavors for you to choose to cook and treat at the party.

The fleshy taste of lotus seeds mixed with sweet sugar water, and other ingredients add to make the tea more delicious and attractive.

Che com (Chè cốm)

Referring to the famous tea dishes of the North of Vietnam, it is impossible to ignore this characteristic green nugget, right?

The tea dish when cooked and displayed on the table is still hot and fragrant with the attractive smell of pandan leaves, each spoon of sweet tea blends with the soft, sticky nuggets to catch the taste. If you want to make your tea more special to surprise your guests, you can cook it with green beans or add coconut milk, which is also great!

Green bean tea (Chè đậu xanh)

With just a few simple and quick steps, you can make your own mung bean soup at home and treat friends and family to enjoy together at parties.

Green bean tea with sweet and fatty tea blends the taste of sugar and coconut milk, highlighting the fleshy taste of green beans and a bit of chewiness of tapioca, jackfruit, or aloe vera.

Che bap (Chè bắp)

Corn tea is familiar to us through each load of tea sold along sidewalks and roads throughout Vietnam. The cooked glutinous rice grains are soft and smooth with the sweet taste of sugar and corn.

Drizzle a little more coconut milk fat, both beautiful and delicious. In addition, you can combine cooking with other ingredients such as taro, durian, pearls, and coconut water to make the dish more special and attractive.

Taro tea (Chè khoai môn)

Just touching your eyes for the first time, you will be quite surprised by the colorful decoration and attractiveness of the tea. Taro will be mixed with tapioca starch, then rolled into balls and boiled. Therefore, the potato still retains its softness, the sweet taste is very delicious.

Besides, you will also eat with greasy coconut milk, combined with sweet fruits to bring a fresh taste for summer.

Khuc Bach tea (Chè khúc bạch)

Khuc Bach tea always has its charm, not only the elderly but even children love the dish. The reason why so many people love so many people is Khuc Bach tea because of its soft, flexible balls mixed with the sweet taste of rock sugar.

Lotus seeds are fleshy and roasted almonds are fatty and fragrant, if you like to eat cold, you can add a few ice cubes to eat, it will be more delicious!

Ginkgo tea (Chè bạch quả)

Just hearing the name, we can somewhat guess the main ingredients of this tea, right? Ginkgo tea is a type of tea that helps to clear heat.

When eating, your guests will feel the sweet, soft taste of ginkgo and lotus seeds. Not only that, the crunchiness of longan will make the dish more attractive. If you hold a party on hot days, it will create a very interesting feeling.

Banana tea (Chè chuối)

Banana tea is easy to cook, sweet and delicious, fragrant with the taste of coconut milk mixed with bananas, with a soft sweet taste. Bang and potato flour with many colors create beauty and make the dish more attractive.

Dessert Vietnamese food: Jelly

Coconut jelly

The jelly with coconut milk is crispy and sweet, the coffee is fragrant and the coconut milk is extremely fatty, with a layering way to make the jelly more beautiful. This simple dessert is sure to please children and adults alike. Let’s try it right now with our coconut jelly recipe.

Flan jelly

Enjoying jelly in the shape of a flan will make the jelly more attractive in the eyes of your guests.

Each layer of coffee jelly is interspersed with a greasy flan, and the sweetness of the flan layer blends with the cool sweetness of the coffee layer. Guaranteed to make anyone fall in love every time they enjoy it.

Fruit jelly

Jelly is added with ingredients of diverse and fresh fruits such as oranges, grapes, mangoes, and watermelons,… Each piece of fruit jelly will bring a different flavor specific to that fruit.

For example, the orange jelly will have a very beautiful orange shape, the jelly will have a sweet taste combined with the greasy coconut milk jelly, which will surely surprise your guests when they are invited to enjoy it!

Dessert Vietnamese food: cakes

Baked banana cake (Bánh chuối nướng)

Have you ever thought about bringing a banana cake to your friends after the party? If not, try it now!

Baked banana cake after taking it out from the oven, you just need to cut it into bite-sized pieces and place it on a plate. With a passionate banana flavor mixed with flour and soft, delicious toasted sandwiches. Remember to sprinkle some sugar to enhance the taste of this cake even more!

Steamed banana cake (Bánh chuối hấp)

Another cake made from bananas you can refer to is the super simple but equally beautiful and delicious steamed banana cake when presented on a plate to treat at the party.

Steamed banana cake with soft, chewy cake core, blended with the natural sweet and sour taste of bananas and a little greasy taste from coconut milk. Simple but will make your guests happy!

Pig skin cake (Bánh da lợn)

There’s no Vietnamese who hasn’t tasted the pork skin cake, right? Delicious cake with many layers of beautiful colors intertwined. With you the traditional pork skin cake, when you eat it, you will feel the fragrant aroma of pandan leaves mixed in with the supple taste of the outer layer of cake.

The layer of sweet and sour mung bean cake mixed with layers of pandan leaf cake is an important factor that makes this famous pork skin cake loved by many Vietnamese people. There are many ways to make pig skin cakes you can refer to.

Green bean cake (Bánh đậu xanh)

If you ask what the specialty of Hai Duong province is, we’re sure that the people here will confidently answer: “Green bean cake” and anyone who comes to visit and enjoy this dish will be happy. 

The finished mung bean cake always has a very characteristic light yellow color. When eating the fleshy flavor of green beans mixed with a little sweetness is seasoned to taste. Sip another cup of hot tea, your guests will be extremely pleased to be able to sit together after the party with this dessert!

Rolled sponge cake (Bánh bông lan cuộn)

It is a mistake that in this compilation of desserts, there is no cake roll, a dessert that is widely sold in bakeries.

There are many ways to make delicious cake rolls, and the taste of this cake is also very rich, you can depend on the purpose, style, or audience of the party to consider and choose the right cake. Guaranteed with a soft and smooth cake core, sponge cake mixed with the filling layer rolled inside the cake will help your party be complete.

Flan cake

This cake is loved by young people and children. If it is a birthday party for children, this cannot be a good candidate, right?

The flan is made with a super smooth surface, each spoonful of the cake when enjoyed, your guests will feel the softness and fatness of the egg mixed with the sweet, rich, and delicious caramel sauce. 

Let’s try to make flan cake with our blog.

Durian crepe

If you’re having a party in hot weather, you can choose this durian crepe as your dessert! The durian crepe cake before being served will be placed in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes so that the cream in the cake reaches the necessary coldness.

Therefore, when eating, guests will feel the coolness of the fresh cream mixed with the fragrant durian part. The cake layer is smooth with beautiful colors. Will surely satisfy the most demanding diners!

Choux cream

Everyone must have eaten this cream puff when they were young, right? If the “concept” of the party is about childhood, why not choose this cake for dessert?

The cream cake is presented and enjoyed with a crispy, fluffy crust, the highlight is the cool, sweet, fatty cream that melts into the cake layer to create a feeling of extreme joy reminiscent of childhood. ask her mother for money to watch her aunt and uncle ride a bicycle to sell cream puffs to buy.


Cheesecake should be made as a party dessert because it is not only based on its beautiful appearance but also in taste and variety depending on the preferences of the party owner which can be changed.

When you eat regular cheesecake, you will feel the base of the cake with a bit of a salty or bitter taste combined with the fatty cream on top and a little fruit, chocolate, and matcha,…you can change it depending on your taste.

Mousse cake

One of the famous desserts from France. Famous mousse cake with many flavors. However, the most prominent is still 3 flavors: passion fruit, matcha, and chocolate.

Whatever the flavor, the mousse cake when eaten will bring a smooth, greasy taste and a little sour, sweet and characteristic aroma of the ingredients you want to add. Promising that your guests will feel very new and excited if they can end the party with this cake!

Panna cotta

If mousse is a famous French dessert, Panna cotta is no less than a famous Italian dessert.

The color of panna cotta is very diverse depending on the ingredients you want to combine to entertain guests. Each scoop of whipping cream’s soft, creamy panna cotta blends beautifully with its beautiful color and attractive aroma. It’s also great to make this for dessert at a European party!

Dessert Vietnamese food: ice cream and yogurt

Violet blutinous rice yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy and digestive dessert. Especially with sticky rice yogurt, the taste and nutritional value are enhanced.

The taste of this yogurt dish can’t be faulted with sticky, fragrant sticky rice with sweet and cool yogurt. Give your guests a great experience!

Aloe vera yogurt

Aloe vera has good use in beautifying the skin, so the sweet and sour taste of yogurt is mixed with the clear and beautiful diced aloe vera. Simple, easy, delicious, and easy to eat suitable for everyone at the party.

Fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt is a dessert that provides many vitamins and nutrients that are good for the digestive system and beautiful skin. With this fruit yogurt dish, you will feel the smooth yogurt taste, mixed with the sweet and sour taste of fruit jam.

This yogurt dish will make your guests change their taste and surprise when enjoying this variety of fruit yogurt!

Pickled fruit (fruit bowl)

Ending a meal with fruit is always a familiar choice for many people, right? The sweet and sour taste of the fruit blends with a little fresh-picked freshness. Simple does not take much time, very suitable when you do not have time to prepare!

Cheese ice cream

The cool flavor of ice cream helps to cool down very well, combined with the taste of cheese, making each spoon of ice cream we eat cool, mildly fragrant, with a sweet and sour taste mixed with a little fat from the cheese. Dessert manicures for guests will be loved at that party!

Passion fruit ice cream

Passion fruit has a beautiful yellow color combined with ice cream. Cool taste mixed with a little sour, sweet and fatty. Surely the kids who come to the party will love this ice cream and ask for more!

Watermelon ice cream

After completing the watermelon ice cream, it will have a beautiful light pink color. When enjoying the cool taste of watermelon, it will blend with the typical sweet and fatty taste of ice cream. Make everyone who has eaten already fall in love, and forget the way back!

Strawberry ice-cream

If the party owner loves the fresh strawberry flavor, then try this strawberry ice cream recipe and treat it! It’s great to enjoy your favorite ice cream at your party.

With the natural sour taste of strawberries mixed with a little bit of fat from whipping cream, receiving wishes from friends is wonderful and super happy!

Coconut cream

The last dessert in this compilation is coconut ice cream, sounds familiar, right?

The main flavor of peanut coconut milk ice cream has a pure white color with a slight yellow tinge of peanuts, which looks very beautiful. When you taste it, you will feel the sweet, fatty taste of coconut milk, sprinkled with a little bit of peanut butter to make the ice cream extremely delicious and irresistible.

Above are the shares of Tasty Touch about the variety of dessert Vietnamese food as well as a shortcut of Vietnamese dessert recipes. Hope this article is of your interest.

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