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How To Cook Beef Noodles With 4 Steps (Phở Bò) Like A Pro?

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1. What is Pho Bo – Beef Noodles

For a long time, beef noodle soup is a traditional dish that contributes to bringing Vietnam further on the world culinary map. Pho originated from folklore, started as street food to serve the poor, and gradually went up to the shop, windows,s and then the restaurant. Born in the Red River Delta and then moved to the South along with the flow of migrants. Today, not only in Vietnam but you can also enjoy beef noodle soup in many countries around the world. Pho becomes the choice of goods of Vietnamese people for dinner as the main meal, dinner… To cook delicious beef noodle soup, you just need a few tips and tricks to be successful.

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2. Recipe for Beef Noodles – Pho Bo

How to cook beef noodle soup with its characteristic aroma, sweet and rich broth, and soft and chewy noodles right below will help you immediately have a delicious bowl of pho. With step-by-step instructions, detailed instructions, and vivid illustrations, you will find that to cook delicious beef noodle soup, completely conquering users is not too difficult.

Beef Noodles (phở bò) – a symbol of Vietnamese cuisine

Recipe by Anne TranCuisine: Vietnamese


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Beef noodles soup – Pho bo is a traditional Vietnamese dish. There are many ways to cook pho bo, fast and simple, but it is not easy to get a delicious bowl of pho with the right traditional taste.
This is one of the typical dishes in Vietnamese cuisine, the Vietnamese have a lot of dishes such as crispy egg noodles, chicken rice noodles,…
The main ingredients of pho are rice noodles and broth along with beef. In addition, there are also spices such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon, fish sauce, and chili … These spices are added depending on the taste of each user.
A bowl of Pho bo has a high nutritional value: Calcium from bones and marrow; The slime from the tendons and cartilage dissolves. Minerals (iron, zinc) and vitamins B2, B3, and B5 help improve blood quality and contribute to the protection of blood vessel walls from dried ingredients and spices.
Beef is high in ammonia, creatinine, carnitine, and the mineral potassium, which support muscle growth.
To get delicious bowls of pho depends a lot on the experience and traditional know-how of the processor, of which the most important thing is the broth.


  • Beef fillet 1.2 kg

  • Bovine bone 2 kg

  • Shin shank beef: 0.7 kg

  • Anise flower 50 gr

  • Rice noodle soup 1 kg

  • Cloves 100 gram

  • Cardamom 100 gram

  • Coriander seeds 50 gram

  • Bean sprouts 300 gram

  • Lemongrass 2 branches

  • Onion 1 piece

  • Tangerine peel 100 gram

  • Vegetables served with 1 little
    (coriander / cilantro)

  • Ginger 1 piece

  • Common seasoning 1 little
    (salt/seasoning/monosodium glutamate/pepper/sugar)


  • Step 1: Preliminary preparation of ingredients for the broth
    Put lemongrass in a large pot of water, bring it to a boil, then put the beef bones in and blanch it once to remove the smell of beef bones.
    Next, put the ox bone in the baking tray with the ginger and onion, then put the tray in the oven for about 5 to 10 minutes until the beef bone is almost brown, then remove the beef bone and drop it in the ice bath.
    Next, spread a clean towel on a flat surface, and place cardamom, tangerine peel, cloves, star anise, and coriander seeds in the center of the towel. You grab the edges of the towel to cover the material, then tie it with a string.
  • Step 2: Cooking pho broth
    Put the beef shank in the pot along with the onions, lemongrass, ginger, and the prepared seasoning packet to make the broth.
    Boil until the broth turns opaque yellow, and fragrant, then remove the beef bones, along with the seasoning packet and lemongrass. Continue to take out all the remaining ingredients in the pot to make the broth clearer.
    You add a little salt, monosodium glutamate, seasoning, and sugar to the pot of broth, stir well, and season to taste so that the broth has a rich, mouth-watering taste.
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  • Step 3: Preliminary processing of other ingredients
    Peel the onion and slice it thinly. Finely chop cilantro.
    Beef fillet is cut into thin slices, so cut along the grain so that the beef is not tough when processing.
    Boil the beef in boiling water so that the beef is hunted and then cut into thin pieces.
    Blanch the bean sprouts and onions in boiling water. Blanch rice noodles in boiling water once.
  • Step 4: Finished product
    Prepare a large bowl, put the blanched onion in the bottom of the bowl, then the noodle soup. Place the beef fillet and sliced beef in a bowl, scoop a tablespoon of finely chopped cilantro with the sliced onion and a pinch of pepper over the beef and finally pour over the hot broth.
    Beef noodle soup has the typical aroma of beef bone broth and star anise, a sweet and fatty taste with smooth rice noodles. Enjoy a bowl of pho while it’s still hot.


  • When pouring the broth into the bowl, be sure to pour it evenly over the areas where the meat is rare.
  • The broth must be very boiling to pour into the bowl of pho.
  • The amount of broth is about 1cm away from the surface of the noodle soup and the meat.

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